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  1. [quote name='"visitor"'](note: You can also go to, update->settings and click 'import' browse to where you have saved (core.aawdef), select this file then click 'open' and 'ok'.)[/quote] Thanks, that was the sollution, now I am updated to 04.06.2010 - 0149.0275
  2. Well now we know the problem is not specifically connected with XP or Vista. I tried the manually download but failed to find a file named "Defs" I have "Drivers", "Languages","Resources" and ToolBox" but no "Defs" file. Shall I create one, or what? Otherwise there are all kind of other lose .dII Programms etc. flying around, shall I add the core.aawdef file there in between? No other old file like this (core.aawdef) I can locate anywhere! I hate such complicated stuff!
  3. Exactly the same problem over here! Since yesterday the update download blocks half way, when reaching the VipreBridge.dII.file.Iznma size 60kB. The connection error pops up and here it ends. Otherwise Ad-Aware runs just fine without the latest update. I uninstalled my 8.2.3 version, downloaded the 8.2.0 version again. Installed it. And here we go again. Same problem! Seems your latest update has a mistake may be related to vista?