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  1. [quote name='thealbturkey' post='120061' date='Jun 7 2010, 02:55 PM']I downloaded the update on Friday and ever since then Lavasoft tells me it found nothing with either a quick or total scan. I updated today, Monday, again with the same results. I know that at least some cookies were deposited in my computer. Previously, depending on which sights I visited, I have always had a few cookies. Lavasoft is my preferred filter but I don't feel it is that good. No offense. I am disabled and no longer work and use the internet as my main source of communication. Does anyone else have this problem? I'd sure hate to have my comunication compromised![/quote] I'm having the same problem with Ad-Aware v8.2.4 "nothing found". Did the usual uninstall/reinstall; same results. Just to confirm it wasn't a problem with my system, I uninstalled v8.2.4 and installed Ad-Aware v8.1x, ran a scan - lo and behold that version found a bunch of tracking cookies (only TAI 3 but still as expected cookies were found)! I selected "allow one" for all the cookies it found so I know they remained on my system (BTW: I run the app in "Advanced Mode"). Exited the whole app and relaunched. When the upgrade notification displayed I clicked on upgrade. The upgrade was of course to v8.2.4 and installed without a problem. When all was said and done (download defs/reboots blah, blah, blah), I ran a scan -- AGAIN nothing found. There is definitely a problem with this version of the software that needs to be addressed by LS. There are too many users of this version experiencing the same problem. I'm running XP Pro SP3 but others are running Vista so I doubt the problem is the OSs; actually, I don't doubt it, I know it's not the OS....I've used Ad-Aware for years and have been quite happy with it, I hope a fix is forthcoming and SOON or I'll have to find another product.