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  1. Short version: Over the past week I have had NO items found during either a full or smart-scan. Previously there were always at least five or six. Slightly longer version: Two weeks ago I got infected with some trojans that got past McAfee and Ad-Aware. I got the Geek Squad to set things straight though I think they were less than truthful in explaining some aspects. They DID do all the Windows/Vista updates and set up Windows Firewall on top of the McAfee I have. Since that time there has been NO action from Ad-Aware during any scans. The reporting feature at the end has failed every time with a little window telling me that if Windows finds a solution it will let me know. So, am I still or newly infected with something or is the combination of Ad-Aware, McAfee, and Windows Firewall WAI? Help me Mr. Wizard Dio