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  1. Well first problem was I tried to download the game edition so i click on the game edition link and it sends me to a web page to start the process. After I download it I had ad-aware PLUSS instead,, so ya either its messed up or not clear that there is another link. Now for the real problem I know for a fact I have a key logger on my PC. I have had my Warcraft account hacked twice and the only way they could possibly guess my very complicated password would be a key logger. I haven’t been able to find the key logger and ad-aware evidently can’t either even though it advertises it can. Does it actually catch anything except cookies? Because that’s all it ever seems to catch and the key logger thing is P-issing me off Thank you Heather P.S Files protection won’t turn on either. It keeps saying it won’t start due to another antivirus program running but this is the only program like it I have.