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  1. Problem: Unable to connect to service after re-installation of Ad-aware 8.1 version. History: Upgraded to 8.2 version and had numerous problems (most of which are listed in this forum.) Removed Ad-aware from computer and tried to reinstall 8.1 version. Tried three times and received "Unable to connect to service" error message. Type of computer: Windows XP Home Ed., SP3 All maintenance and updates are current. I have been using Ad-aware for over 5 years. Actions taken: I performed all steps found on forum, including removing Ad-aware with Revo. I also put in the two types of Commands shown on forum to recreate the service. Note: Ad-aware Service exists but it says "Error 3: Cannot find path specified?" Request: Can someone post the exact steps for me to take to get Ad-aware working again. And do you agree that Version 8.1 is the version to use. Ad-aware 8.1 is currently on the computer after third reinstallation while I wait for a response to my post. I appreciate the help. Thanks. Macpez