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  1. thanks visitor... I checked the Ad-Watch rules and I have no processes ignored/allowed - looks like the bug you mentioned. Is there anything else I might try besides disabling Ad-Watch? You'd wonder why Ad-Watch is even monitoring this if its normal behaviour...?
  2. [quote name='visitor' post='120762' date='Jul 7 2010, 10:01 AM']Go to the Ad-Watch rules to make sure the process has been ignored/allowed. I think this may be related to the bug in 8.2.x where ignored items were not being ignored. I've let Lavasoft know so they can have a look.[/quote] The process I'm looking for would be explorer.exe ? Also, is it normal for explorer.exe to be changing my browser settings?
  3. Yesterday I installed Ad-Aware 8.3 and enabled Ad-Watch. Shortly afterwards when I opened Windows Explorer to browse through some folders, I immediately received a message indicating that explore.exe was attempting to change my Internet Browser settings. Regardless of whether I selected Allow or Block, or if I checked the box to stop displaying the message, I still kept receiving the message. It didn't go away until I disabled Ad-Watch. I've used Ad-Aware as well as several other anti-spyware programs for years and regularly update and scan - I've found no problems with any of them, so there's no obvious virus, trojan, etc. Any idea what's up with this?