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  1. I see that we are not alone. A recent post by "Deano" shows that he is having what appears to be the same issue. [topic="29731"]AdWatch Live! Problem (Free Version)[/topic] I hope that this can help resolve the issue.
  2. Thank You for the news, I am surprised that this issue is so uncommon. We have three computers at home - 1 desktop and 2 laptops all using XP and it is affecting all 3 computers. I have been leaving ad-watch turned off in the mean time.
  3. [quote name='visitor' post='121050' date='Jul 13 2010, 12:44 AM']No news yet. I'll be sure to post anything I hear from Lavasoft if they don't post it here themselves.[/quote] Thank You
  4. In my opinion it seems to be the Anti-Virus downloads. Each definition is is downloaded one at a time and each one is installed before the next definition is downloaded. The download portion seems quick but the install takes a lot of time. I update manually so I have been watching the process.
  5. Has there been any fix for this yet? I am still having this issue. At this point I have just turned Ad Watch live off. Any update would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. I installed Version 8.3.0 on another computer last night, an Asus eeePC w/XP home. I got the same results as in my initial post. Maybe it has to do with XP Home edition? Here are some screen shots [attachment=8191:screenshot.2.jpg] [attachment=8192:screenshot.3.jpg] Honestly I do not want to uninstall if at all possible. The reason being is that when installed on the first computer the initial install went quickly but before the restart, updates are downloaded, and with the new virus definitions being downloaded it took quite a bit of time. I timed it last night for the second install and it took 55 min. on a high speed connection. Downloading the definitions really doesn't take long its the install of each virus def. Is there a quicker way? Also is there a way to remove the entries in the boxes? Thank you
  7. I have also never had a paid version. I have no screen shots available but I also have entries in latest event boxes below registry and network. They are shaded however and I cannot access "Export Detailed Log" or "Edit Rules".
  8. I installed the new free version last night (8.3.0), downloaded from File Hippo. All seems to have gone well, however the real time protection for the registry and network even though turned off (I don't believe they should work at all in the free version) are detecting changes. For example when I was changing the status of viewing or not viewing hidden files I received a pop up asking if I wanted to allow the change. Also when using firefox I received a pop up saying that a couple of IP addresses were blocked. That message however did not give me any options to allow or not. Whats going on? I'm using XP home.