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  1. I have been using the Free version for quite a while and through a number of updates. Today, I was directed to update to Version 8.3.0. All went fine until I discovered my previous links no longer worked. I looked for the program and found it had installed in a different folder from where it has always been located. Prior to this update, it has always been in: C:\Program Files\Ad-Aware This update went to: C:\Program Files\Lavasoft\Ad-Aware Now, I know the install program knew the old location because it uninstalled the old version from the old folder. But the install program never gave me the option to put the new version in the old location. It just went on its merry way installing it where it wanted it to be! Now maybe this seems unimportant to you but it was extremely irritating to me! I like finding a program located where I expect it to be. Ad-Aware starts with "A", not "L"! PLEASE change the install so that it does NOT automatically choose where it is to be installed. Offer that as an option, but allow the user to choose where! And while you are at it, that goes for the Start Menu links as well. Provide a user option to place those links where the user wants them--not simply in the ...\Start Menu\Programs\Lavasoft folder, but possibly in another subfolder. I keep all my utilities grouped togther in the same Start Menu subfolder. It makes them easier to find.