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  1. FOLLOWED ALL YOUR ADVICE,YET WHEN I RAN AD AWARE AT THE END OF MY SESSION,LO AND BEHOLD THE [u][/u]ANTIVIRUS ENGINE WAS RIGHT BACK CHECKED IN.Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!! It seems that it has a life of it's own and there is no way to keep it off(thus messing with the main antivirus of my system. I wish we could have the one we had before this new system(before September,before the antivirus appeared at all.It worked so well!!Please consider this-if as a second choice!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. [quote name='visitor' post='123590' date='Nov 8 2010, 10:58 AM']There's been a problem with various settings re-enabling themselves which has been reported to Lavasoft. I think the anti-virus engine happens when the engine update is downloaded and installed. Try turning off Ad-Watch completely so there's no resident protection - that should allow you to scan on-demand only. Also, turn off auto-update so you can download on-demand also.[/quote] Thanks very much,will try this solution.If possible please let us(users)know when this problem is solved,so that one can go back to the usual usage of Ad Aware without incurring the above problem.Thanks again!
  3. No matter how many times I uncheck "antivirus engine" it keeps coming back and thus causes problems in my computer(such as neither of them working according to automatic notice from Microsoft).Is there a way to PERMANENTLY uncheck Ad Aware's antivirus?One doesn't (can not!)use two at the same time and I prefer to stay with the one I have been using.I am tired of having to check time and again,and finding that the Ad Aware antivirus engine re-installs itself as I open my pc and by the time I am about to close it,so it causes problems. If there is no solution to this,I regretfully have to get rid of Ad Aware,which I had been using for years and am fond of,for I am sure it is a very useful tool,but since the new version came with antivirus(why????),it has done nothing but causes problems.I use XP and Vista(both Premium Home Editions),and my regular (very efficient)antivirus is Avira Antivir Personal Edition. Need help with this please!Thanks very much!
  4. [quote name='visitor' post='121591' date='Aug 3 2010, 03:23 AM'][url=""][/url] I reported this to Lavasoft back with version 8.2.3 in April/May, and they were able to replicate the problem with the "Alerts and Notifications" setting, so they were going to work on it. No news from them since. I've bumped the topic with this thread to let them know it's still happening with version 8.3. I think you need to turn off Ad-Watch altogether and use Ad-Aware as on-demand scanner only.[/quote] Thanks for the advice.I just did(turn off Ad Watch).Will see how things work.Please let me know,if there is a solution to this issue,other than turning off an important function.I also hope,that eventually updating will go a little faster.
  5. [quote name='Computer wizard' post='121565' date='Aug 1 2010, 11:52 PM']i'm sorry to hear about your issues. Issue 1 - when you deactivited the Anti-virus did you hit save settings? otherwise if you did im a lil stumped Issue 2 - Lavasoft are aware of the slow updates problem and are making a fix for it, apparently its due to the AV signatures taking longer than expected. Thank You Computer Wizard[/quote] There is no "save settings"on my AdAware!All I can do,and I DO THIS EVERY TIME is,that I click on "OK"on the bottom of the page.This should be equal to saving the settings.But,IT DOESN'T DO THE JOB,because when I turn the machine on next,the Antivirus engine has the checkmark,which must mean,that it is active.So,now,every time I boot,I check and uncheck the AV,AND STILL,SOMETIMES IT COMES BACK BY THE TIME I TURN THE MACHINE OFF(and I run AdAware before doing that as a routine,and save a restore point if all is well),but it is annoying and I have no way of telling if there is any interference with my existing AV(Avira Antivir-I am using Windows Vista Home Premium by the way).It would be nice not to have to keep doing this every single time!!!Am I the only one this occures to??? Thanks.
  6. My two problems with the new version of AdAware are as stated above: 1.I already have an adequate antivirus,so I need to de-activate AdAware antivirus mode.Every time I turn my machine on,IT IS RIGHT BACK!!! Why can't one turn the AV off once and for all?(settings-ad-watch-antivirus engine-UNCHEK)-but it keeps coming back on,the next I check,the checkmark at the engine is right there! 2.Also,the update is terribly slow.I tend to play games of bridge( program is on my computer),while waiting for the update to complete. Anyone can do anything about the above.Any suggestions are welcome.I would hate to have to get rid of Ad Aware,having used it for years now. Thanks!
  7. Attention Lavasoft please, I have always cooperated with Lavasoft by allowing Threatwork Alliance to do it's job on my computer.I felt and feel,this is the least I can do for the terrific service Ad-Aware does to protect their users. Ever since I downloaded the new version(8.3-not without some difficulty,as you can see on my previous postings)MICROSOFT disallows the sending of Threatwork Alliance reports that would appear after a usual Ad-Aware scan. I hope Lavasoft is aware of this "problem"(if it is a problem-i guess it would be).Microsoft sends a routine note saying that T.A.stopped working(?!)and they will send a solution when it becomes available.This notice appears every time after a scan.
  8. After being prompted in my e-mail,that the Turkish script problem is solved,I tried downloading AGAIN,but still NO SUCCESS,after the wizard,comes Turkish.I am reluctant to try downloading the 5th time(or 4th,I lost count).THE LANGUAGE PROBLEM DEFINITELY PERSISTS(trying the download from CNET).
  9. this may be the last time i am trying to download this new version.Every time,after wizard check download,Turkish script appears and invites to click on whatever it is(2 choices).This i will not do-in Turkish. Your own box directs to CNET Downloads and this is what happens. Infuriating-to say the least.Especially after this is the second time I was prompted on my e-mail that the above issue has been solved.NO-IT HAS NOT BEEN,please take note!!! Thanks.
  10. I am still reluctant to click on a box that is in Turkish and I have no idea what it says. And I understood from a previous direct communication from Lavasoft,that this issue has been solved.Obviously it is my mistake.But it would be nice to know when and how one will be warned about the solution in existence already.
  11. On July 8th I tried to install the new Internet Security 8.3.All went well until after the wizard check,a box appeared with "English"in the middle,but the script and the two choices to click on were IN TURKISH(Ibelieve).I received notice from Lavasoft,that this problem has been eradicated.NOT SO!!Today(July 12)THE SAME THING HAPPENED.What is going on??After successfully downloading some 120 Mb-s,one is frustrated at the end by this unusual problem.All the while,every time I use the "old"Ad-Aware(which is once a day usually),I am prompted to download the new version.Does anyone have a solution?Really this time.Or suggestion as to which box to click on in this Turkish script-whatever it is.(Looks like it is about languages,because there are other possibilities than English in that box. Thanks v.much.
  12. Was prompted to download the newest version mentioned in the title.I did,but after download a small square appeared with "english"showing and other possible language choices,but THE SCRIPT WAS TURKISH(I believe).So i didn't cllick on what I didn't understand,thus the whole download was unsuccessful. ALSO:can I disconnect the antivirus???9In case of a successful download).I already have a good one on my computer and WANT TO KEEP IT.And is there no conflict with firewalls and other existing security systems?I am not knowledgable to know this.Can anyone help? Many thanks.