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  1. Hi All, Just thought I'd add my less-than-happy experiences to the pot. I'm running XP Pro SP3 on an 8-core machine and, until Yesterday, used AdAware free. I also use McAfee Total Security. A few days ago, AdAware v 9.0.6 arrived and I downloaded and installed it on my PC which, until then was running normally. It seemed to me that the installation time was rather short and, at the end, the AAW update window closed and the main window did not reappear in the usual way. I was able to re-run it, however, and an update re-check told me I was up to date. After this, however, my PC did not seem to be running well, taking a long time (often several minutes) to load software. That evening, a scheduled McAfee scan was due and I left it to run, as normal. I returned when the scan should have been close to completion but I found that nothing was happening. I also found that, when I tried to open McAfee Total Protection, it would not open properly. At this point, I wondered if McAfee was corrupted and so went online to re-install it. The McAfee installer told me that it could not install because of the presence of Ad-Watch Live and that I needed to turn it off. I did so, as best I could but still got the message that Ad-Watch Live was interfering with McAfee installer so I decided temporarily to uninstall AdAware while I re-installed McAfee. When I tried to uninstall AdAware, however, it would not do so, telling me that it could not find the uninstaller. I then used Revo Uninstaller to remove AdAware (it too could not find the AdAware uninstaller but proceeded with the stages of removing registry entries and files). McAfee still complained that Ad-Watch live was preventing the installation, however. I decided that more radical action was now required and so I reloaded my most recent backup and all seemed to be working well initially but, after carrying out a few software updates that had happened since the backup (including Ad-Aware 9.0.6 which seemed to install normally this time), I found that I had got the slow log-on problem, taking about 90 seconds to become usable after log-on, rather than the few seconds that it normally took. After several re-boots and minimisation of my startup list, I was still getting nowhere. Google searches had, by now, revealed this thread (and the others on similar topics) so I decided to try removing AdAware completely. This time, it uninstalled properly and now, after a couple of re-boots, my system booted normally and continues to do so. I'll be sorry to lose AdAware as I have been using it for several years, largely trouble-free until recent times. Problems with some recent updates and this one in particular have finally decided me, however, that I'll have to carry on without it. I'll keep an eye on developments and if it appears that the problems have been eradicated, I may try AdAware again some time but, for now, I'm (reluctantly) out. Regards, e.
  2. Better ... but not great. At least it's working now but it's still slower than it used to be. Just tried an update and it turned up ... eventually ... but I had to watch three minutes of inactivity before the update finally arrived. Then, when it had completed updating, AdAware had a 'shut down unexpectedly' error and re-started. So I needed to re-check to ensure that the update had actually been completed. Another three minutes wait. But all was finally well and I could do my scan. Looks like there may still be an issue, just a smaller one. e.
  3. Oh dear, AdAware update problems again! Similar thing here to what's described above. Update window appears but then nothing more happens. Perhaps something would happen if I waited long enough but I really can't sit around waiting indefinitely for AdAware to make up its mind whether to update. No problems updating or scanning with Malwarebytes or McAfee or getting onto other security company websites and no other symptoms of infection so I don't really suspect that. Ad-AwareAdmin.exe does have internet access. Even tried turning off my firewall altogether with no effect. e
  4. [quote name='polaris' post='123148' date='Oct 8 2010, 10:41 PM']Also, I'm finding that the (Applying) update is taking forever! i.e. after completing huge downloads. What's going on with Ad-Aware program???[/quote] I'm pleased to say I don't see the slow scanning problem but I have to agree that the updating process has become ridiculously slow. Before, I used to think of running a quick scan if I had a few minutes to spare. Now, I don't think of it unless I've at least half an hour free and most of the time, simply avoid using it altogether. I always thought Ad-Aware was a good application. Now it's just becoming too cumbersome to use regularly.
  5. [quote name='Computer wizard' post='121204' date='Jul 16 2010, 04:21 AM']Did Mcafee flag with it's heuristics or it's signatures?[/quote] In my case, it can only have been signature based, as it was right at the start of the download in Firefox. At that stage, there wouldn't have been any activity for heuristics to trap. The actual message was shown as coming from McAfee Site Advisor. If I recall correctly, the wording was very brief but seemed to suggest that the Lavasoft site had been pre-scanned (as I believe Site Advisor does) and that the download had already been identified as questionable before I tried to download it. It offered no option for further details but simply 'allow' or 'block'. Thanks for the reassurance, geosin and WDF1. Makes me think I should probably go ahead in spite of McAfee's warnings. e.
  6. [quote name='geosin' post='121144' date='Jul 14 2010, 06:59 PM']Interesting that I got Ad-aware flagged when I tried to download using Firefox but not when using IE8[/quote] [i]Very [/i]interesting. I too was using Firefox. Didn't think of trying IE. Now I wonder why that would be. Should I conclude that you did, in the end, install without any further incidents and all is well? e.
  7. [quote name='heriss' post='120961' date='Jul 10 2010, 08:30 PM']Hi be glad that your mcaffie stoped the down load as avg did not and i got well and truly shafted the download when run was in azabijanie and released at least 10 trojans to the extent i had to reinstall xp[/quote] Ouch! Thanks for the warning heriss. I'll certainly continue holding off from updating until this one is cleared up. e.
  8. [quote name='visitor' post='120944' date='Jul 10 2010, 12:22 PM']One user got a reply from McAfee - they advised uninstalling Lavasoft Ad-Aware instead of fixing their definitions [/quote] No surprise I suppose. Ad-Aware is, after all, competition as far as McAfee are concerned. Disappointing nontheless. Was the issue with processwatch.exe resolved or can I expect to hit that one later? e.
  9. New to this forum so hello to all. Just tried to run a scan of AAW free but received a message indicating that a new version of software was available. Attempted to download the new software from CNet but as soon as it started, my McAfee software stepped in to block it suggesting that the AAW download contained malware. Likely to be a false positive I know but, once you see that message (which has hardly ever happened to me before), there is always that slight doubt that maybe something nasty has got into the download. I don't like ignoring warnings. Such things are not unknown, after all. For the time being I abandoned the download of the new software pending resolution of the issue. If there really is a problem with the download, it needs, of course, to be cleaned up. Otherwise, perhaps Lavasoft need to talk to McAfee to get the false positive removed. In the meantime, just thought I'd post it here to alert Users (and Lavasoft - presumably they read this forum) of the problem. e.