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  1. Hi, just downloaded the latest Adaware to try again after some months not using it. I uninstalled it (Pro version) as I found the CPU use rose uncontrollably (related to Ad-watch live) Unchecking 'processes' under Ad-watch live caused the CPU use to drop; checking it led to CPU use rising to almost 100%. Maybe in the new version there are more options- I can't recall the old one particularly. Anyone else had this experience or ideas on what cause this? Thanks!
  2. Hi, just downloaded the latest Adaware (I have a Pro subscription). When I tried a scan, I got a BSOD after a minute or two, related to Counterspy, Sunbelt driver. (Page fault in non-paged area) I have: Online Armor (Pro) with embedded Ikarus engine (there's no active guard like a 'real' AV); Avira Antivirus (my only active guard). I got a different BSOD the first time I tried a scan. Unchecking 'Antivirus' in Adaware's GUI seems to stop the BSOD, but clearly then the Sunbelt AV adds nothing. This is more of a comment on my experience of the product, as I'm guessing there may be no fix, otherwise ideas welcome!