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  1. Ad-Aware 8.2.6 has been advising me that version 8.3 is available. I downloaded it and when it goes to uninstalling 8.2.6 it tells me that it cannot uninstall it and it tells me to uninstall it myself using the Control Panel's "Add-Remove Programs" (which is the "Programs and Features" section in Windows Vista, which I am using). Going to "Programs and Features" in the Control Panel yields an "Ad-Aware" option, but it has no option to uninstall it, as it was probably damaged via a virus I had a few months ago. I installed the Revo Uninstaller and it told me that there is no installation package found and try to uninstall it manually, which I can't do. I want to update Ad-Aware to 8.3 but I have no idea how to. Please help!