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  1. I did not cancel the installation as it had already completed. Normally, when the installer asks if you want to restart now, that means the installation is complete or will complete after restart. What I canceled was the same updater from the old version. Was there no difference from the old to the new version? And are you implying that because I canceled the updater I deserved a virus-like destruction of my computer on restart?
  2. This is my first time posting. I run on Windows XP SP3. I never had any major issues before with the Ad-Aware free versions. A week ago today, I ran my weekly scans of Spybot and Ad-Aware. Spybot ran uneventfully with no issues found. When I updated Ad-Aware, it said there was a newer version so I downloaded and installed it. When it asked to reboot, I clicked yes but instead of rebooting, it ran the updater so I clicked cancel to cancel the updater thinking it might interfere with the new installation before the computer was able to restart. After restarting, at the desktop, none of the start-up programs executed. The only icon in the taskbar was the Safely Remove Hardware icon. There was no "thinking" being done by the computer. I let it sit for a long time with no change. No program or file I clicked would execute, and then the computer would freeze if I tried to do anything else. I tried accessing My Computer, system programs, and the Control Panel. None would respond. After restarting a dozen times trying everything with no change, there was no option for me but to reformat the HDD. I am absolutely positive the new version installation caused this because there is no reason to think otherwise. I did have an external backup HD but I did lose some files. I haven't had to reformat for over 5 years. At this point, I'm done with Lavasoft, unless someone can convince me otherwise. I have to wonder if all the new software coming out in the last few years is gradually becoming less compatible with Win XP in order to be more compatible with Vista and 7.