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  1. Hi Blade81, Thank you for your advice. Limewire and the ZA Toolbar program have been uninstalled & Firefox has just been updated. Yes - My other 2 computers all have the same security software installed. I will keep an eye on them, for any quirky events. Thank you for your time. Cheers - Footloose
  2. [attachment=8225:DDS_Attach.txt][attachment=8226:DDS.txt] Hi Blade81, Thanks for your assistance. There's no need for concern. I wasn't hit by a "drive-by". The problem appears to be a software conflict. I still fail to understand, though, HOW/WHY my other computers are functioning properly. Why is it just [i]this[/i] PC ??? I [b][i]do[/i][/b] hope something can be resolved here. Thank you very much for your assistance/persistence. Cheers - Footloose
  3. [attachment=8221:GMER_LOG...JUL_2010.txt][attachment=8222:hijackth...9JUL2010.txt] Hi All, As suggested by Visitor and Computer Wizard (in the Ad-Aware 2010 Forum) - and after having performed all necessary steps - I am posting my HJT Log and GMER Log. Is there any need to post an Ad-Aware Scan Log if it found nothing ?? Summary of Problem : This PC may have been hit/affected by a "drive-by attack" on Saturday morning. Saturday night - upon rebooting this PC - Ad-Aware popped up a balloon, asking to reboot the PC to "finalize the installation of Ad-Watch Live". Also - my AVIRA Personal "Guard" was turned off - and greyed out (couldn't be turned back on). One thing I didn't mention on the other Forum, was - All attempts, at performing a "System Restore", [i]fail[/i][b][/b] !! Logs attached. Hope someone can see something. I can't. I don't understand why GMER sees ZA as a Rootkit. Thanks for your assistance. Cheers - Footloose Just realized folks . . . . . . . . . . . . 1. When updating the definitions of AVIRA - a "pop-up" AD usually appears at least once a day [prompting you to purchase a 'full version']. This AD has not appeared since this issue started. There is [u]no way[/u] of "turning off" the AD, in AVIRA Personal. [b]Guard.exe [/b](in Program Files for AVIRA) is supposed to exhibit a "DOS Window" Icon. On my other PC's - this is how it's exhibited. On this PC - the icon is an "unknown file type" Icon. Does that possibly mean that [b]Guard.exe [/b]has been corrupted ??? 2. Some time during last week - a friend uploaded an MPG file to Katz website. I tried to download that file on Saturday morning. However - at some stage between Saturday & the time the file was uploaded : ZA stopped recognizing the Katz web-site as being "potentially dangerous". Perhaps my PC's problem [i][b]IS[/b][/i] Zone Alarm !!! Hoping that this will help some kind person with their diagnosis. Cheers - Footloose
  4. [quote name='visitor' post='121303' date='Jul 18 2010, 09:03 PM']Most likely the infection is interfering with the security software. Best thing you can do is follow the instructions in my signature for posting in the HijackThis forum where somebody will help you diagnose/remove any malware. Then you can try it again with Avira and Ad-Aware.[/quote] Thanks Visitor & Computer Wizard, V - I will post my log in the HJT Forum. I'm actually using the "damaged" PC to write this. Have just performed all security "definition" updates - and they all appear to been successful. CW - Are you able to make any suggestions (within the rules of this Forum) as to what software I should be using for the Sandboxing and HIP stuff ?? Perhaps PM me ?? I don't think this PC is "infected" any more. I think it may simply be suffering damage of the drive-by attack. Last time this TYPE of thing happened to one of my PC's - it turned out to be the PSU in the process of failing completely. That PC was doing some very strange things (not remembering configurations, etc). Had the PSU checked. Came up OK. The very next day - it failed !!!! Took with it - the M'board, 2 HDD's, 1 stick of RAM, and a lot of genealogy data !!!! I don't think it's a Hardware problem this time. Before posting to the HJT Forum - I'll reboot, to see if the updated Definitions have 'done anything' (had a 'miraculous' effect). Thanks again for your help. Cheers - Footloose
  5. Hi from a Newbie !! Yesterday morning - it appears I may have been hit by a "drive-by" Malware. Not sure. Advertizing windows kept popping up as I closed the previous one down. I finally used Sone Alarm's Internet Lock to stop the nuisance. After closing everything & rebooting - all was OK until the evening, when I decided to reboot (to refresh the PC). Not this PC. Another one of mine - XP Pro SP3. Upon rebooting - Windows told me that AVIRA Personal's Guard was disabled - and Ad-Aware's "Ad-Watch Live" required a reboot to finalize the installation of Ad-Watch Live. I've rebooted several times - to no avail. I even tried to d'load & install a newer version of Ad-Aware (8.3.0). Same thing - AdAware wanted a reboot, to finalize the installation of Ad-Watch Live. Without uninstalling AVIRA Personal - I tried to re-install it "over the top". On completion of unpacking the files [from its setup file] - a message window appeared, saying something to the affect that it needed at least Windows 2000 with SP4, etc. Hey !! I have XP Pro SP3 !! What's going on ???? Having run several scans over night & today - nothing found anything. Then - I ran an MBAM scan. It found [color="#FF0000"]Trojan.FakeAlert.H[/color][b][/b] in one Registry entry & in one file. I quarantined these 2 detections. All settings in Control Panel|Administrative Tools|Services are set correctly (as per all blogs I've read on this LS Forum). Yet - AA keeps telling me that it needs to reboot the PC to finalize . . . . Ad-Watch Live. Other Security software I run include :- SpyBot S&D, MBAM, ZA Free, Advanced System Care, IS 360, AVIRA Personal, SAS and Trend Micro's RU Botted. It is only AVIRA and Ad-Aware that I'm experiencing troubles with. Does anyone have any clues as to what I might do ?? All Security software is successfully updating their Definitions (it appears). Perhaps this isn't an Ad-Aware issue. Perhaps it's an AVIRA issue - or a Zone Alarm issue. I'm not "pointing the finger". I'm just looking for assistance from some kind person/s. Thanks for any help. Kind regards - Footloose