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  1. I finally found my problem. I use TweekReg cleaner and had removed some HKEY s. I restored these deleted HKEYs and was able to download AAW. Thank you for your time. From (the not to bright) Seawolf3. :-)
  2. [quote name='Computer wizard' post='121343' date='Jul 19 2010, 09:43 AM']When you try to undergo the uninstall do you get the option to do a Repair install? or is it just the standard remove or install? Thank You Computer Wizard[/quote] It was a standard remove/install. It started to uninstall and did remove the desktop AAW icon but then gave "could not access network location". I did a search and sent all AAW files to the recycle bin (they are still there). Every time I try to install AAW it gives me the "could not access ....". I downloaded "Recuva" but trying to pick thru those files could take eons.
  3. Fm Seawolf3 When trying to upgrade to 8.3 I get "Cannot unistall old Ad-Aware - go to add/remove". When I remove AAW in add/remove I get "Could not access network location". I tried Programs/LavaSoft uninstall AAW and got the same message. Revo uninstaller Pro gives the same message. Any body got any ideas ??