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  1. $200 ? that's crazy, i would just format my HD and reinstall [quote name='Sylvia49' post='121499' date='Jul 27 2010, 10:39 PM']Ningji, I just came back from Office Depot with a $200 repair bill. I have Ad-Aware Pro, and my tech at HD, said that the "free" version does not cover virus protection??????? Now he tells me! I haven't checked this out...might be good for you to do so. Sylvia49[/quote]
  2. No internet connection after running Adaware 8.3.0 (definition update 7/25), at first there was the malware keeping on saying your pc is infected by virus, you have to buy their stupid software. (BTW, i really want to sue this stupid company, isn't this crime ?) so i downloaded Adaware free version, did update, full scan. After coming back home, no internet. ping is still working. Any suggestions ? This is windows 7 prof.