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  1. [quote name='RyuKaze' post='122044' date='Aug 24 2010, 06:16 PM']Support has finally responded and had me download something I'll be able to try running it with later today.[/quote] Nope, waiting for support reply 3 now.
  2. I took out 'archive' from the profile scans (can't remember if you can do those in Free but I think you can) and it seems to run that way. Support has finally responded and had me download something I'll be able to try running it with later today.
  3. Well, it took them a month to 'fix' my problem of it hanging up during scans, the 'fix' actually being me getting tired of waiting on them and reinstalling it again (which happened to work). Something they should have told me to do pretty quickly (I don't like to disable any security features that might still be working unless support for that program suggests it). Instead they had spent 2 to 3 days between emails to go from scandisks and cleanups, reboots, and stuff that mostly didn't involve their software directly to telling me to remove other security programs to see if they were blocking it. Which should have been one of the last things they suggested if nothing else worked since it leaves the customer even more open then they are while the problem software is 'down'. Instead of renewing this machines license and buying ones for the other 6 machines in the house, this year I only renewed for a year to see if they fix their problems before switching to someone else. (mostly because reviews I've seen don't list slow as molasses Ad-Aware as slow to scan but DO list the others that are as good or arguably better as Slow...) Hm...I wonder how long this post will last...
  4. I have 'excellent' news for you. It's also happening on at least my copy of Pro, and is fairly recent. I was hoping to find something on the forums first though as Support has always been slow and has a tendency to be somewhat unhelpful (often recommending I disable other security programs because I 'might be infected'...and I should open myself up wider to the possible infection apparently...). Unfortunately it looks like I may not able to avoid them...