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  1. I am very happy to have read in another section that you are trying to find a way to satisfy everyone who uses Ad-Aware. I was hoping that you would eventually supply a version without an Anti-Virus program so I could continue to use your program and my Avast Anti-Virus. I am still using your earlier version and will continue using it until I can download one without Anti-Virus. I was prompted to go here tonight because i received an email from you asking me to update Ad-Aware which I will never do as long as I cannot turn off its anti-Virus. Thank You for wanting to solve this problem so we can all continue to use your great program.
  2. I am so sorry that you force us to use your AntiVirus. I have Avast and love it. I don't want to give up your Ad Aware but I won't give up Avast. I will continue using your older Ad Aware as long as it works but will delete it when it is out of date and I will certainly hate that I have to do that. Please Give us a Choice. I am having the same problem with Zone Alarm, they or adding AntiVirus also. Both of you want to take over everything. PLEASE HELP Thank You
  3. I am still having problems with AdAware Version 834 sending an ERROR message and turning off. I am running Win XP SP3. I noticed it today when I went on the Internet with Mozilla Firefox. It turns off and a little later it returns in my Startup. I have been clicking on the ERROR message to send it to Lavasoft for several days now. I have not had any problems with the Version 834 checking my C:\Drive for Viruses even though it runs for over 2 hours. Also, it hasn't found any viruses. I have not seen anyone else at present complaining. Thank You HVit
  4. I had Version 8.0 installed on my XP SP3 computer and I am referring to the Uninstaller in Start > All Program > Lavasoft > Ad-Aware > Uninstaller. That Uninstaller appears only to be an Installer and will not Uninstall. Will the Free REVO uninstall Ad-Aware or do I need to by the Professional Revo Program? Also can I run Ad-Aware 8.3.4 over the top of Version 8 without Uninstalling Version 8? Thank You Hvit
  5. I am having the same problem, after scanning my C:\ Drive for 2 hours and 40 minutes on a full Scan, the Ad-Aware program disappeared from the screen. Did not see an ERROR message, but even when I wasn't scanning at times I got an ERROR Message that Ad-Aware had shut down, but later would reappear in StartUp. I also tried to Uninstall the Ad-Aware program, but did not find Lavasoft Ad-Aware in Add Remove on my XP SP3 computer and the Uninstaller in the Ad-Aware folder, when I tried to run it, appeared to be an Installer instead of an Uninstaller. Last night, I downloaded Version 8.3.0 from Cnet and was going to install it after I Uninstalled Version 8, but could not Uninstall Version 8. Where do I find Version 8.3.4? Thank You Hvit
  6. I updated to your latest Ad-Aware Program Version 8.3.1 and ran a scan. The Scan found 8 Adware and put them in Quarantine. I would like to Delete them but haven't been able to do so. Can you help? Thank You HVit