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  1. [quote name='Computer wizard' post='122207' date='Aug 31 2010, 11:19 PM']I'm pretty sure Lavasoft is aware of these types of problems and i think they may have found the cause and are working on a fix to be released, so for now just be patient until the fix arrives. Thank You Computer Wizard[/quote] Thanks for your reply. Kind of my thinking too. It's intermittent, and there's really nothing to do except to reinstall it, but I think its a bug, not a bad installation. I'll wait.
  2. Ad-Aware 8.3.1 has shut down twice since I downloaded it a week ago, while browsing with Firefox 3.6.8, with AVG 9.0 and Spybot Search & Destroy doing real-time protection, on Windows XP Home Edition SP3. The shut-down message was that it encountered an error and shut down unexpectedly. I sent Lavasoft the reports. In other topic threads, "Ad Aware shut down unexpectedly during scan" and "Ad-Aware 8.3.1 shuts down unexpectedly on start-up." In my case, Ad-Aware was doing real-time Ad Watch, not a system scan or starting up (I had been browsing for awhile), so I presume the problem involved Ad-Watch (or Web Update). Regarding conflicts, the previous version of Ad-Aware did not encounter this problem, and I had both AVG and Spybot then (although both AVG and Spybot were updated when I updated Ad-Aware to 8.3.1). Has anyone else experienced this new release shutting down while doing real time protection, not a system scan or start-up?