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  1. Thank you for your answer but the solution mentionnend in the provided link did not work at the fist time : 1st try : "Right click on the 'lbd.inf' file and choose install, reboot the computer." crashed my PC immediately 2nd try : I booted XP Home in safe mode with network, support; I applied "Right click on the 'lbd.inf' file" and it asked me to reboot the PC, then I had to activate "Process protection" in the Ad-watch live tab and Ad-Wath Live is now activated. Thanks a lot. [quote name='visitor' post='122302' date='Sep 4 2010, 09:29 AM']Can you turn it on by clicking on Ad-Watch settings (reglages)? During installation, I think there is an option to *not* install Ad-Watch. Make sure you do a regular installation, not custom. If you did a regular installation, read this topic about how to install the Ad-Watch driver: [url=""][/url][/quote]
  2. Even after re-installation of Ad Aware Free, Ad-Watch Live does'nt work as shown in the screen capture attached. PC Configuration : Windows XP Familial Edition 32 bits French