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  1. My existing version of AdAware free found an update & I downloaded it. When I tried to install, it was unable to remove the existing one, told me to use Windows remove programs. Vista shows I have AdAware installed 9 Apr 2010 (hope that identifies the version) (no size shown) & AdAware Email Scanner for Outlook also on 9/04/2010 683KB. 1st attempt to uninstall it couldn't find the msi file, I found one in C:\ProgramData area and it then required a reboot. But the AdAware shortcut was still on the desktop, but now couldn't find the exe file. The C:\Program Files\Lavasoft directory is still 656KB. Still can't install the new version because it can't remove the old one, & Control Panel uninstall Programs still shows AdAware there. I have repeated the Windows uninstall process several times, & it always goes to the point of asking to reboot, but achieves nothing more. Any suggestions on how to install the update please?