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  1. [font="Arial"][/font] I just updated to the 2010 version of Ad-Aware. I assumed, wrongly, that the update program would delete all the files associated with my older version. I am reluctant to delete the old files as I do not know if the update is using some of them. So, ques. 1 is: can I delete the old Ad-Aware files (they are in a separate folder) and if I do, must I then also clean my registry? Quest. 2: Why doesn't Lavasoft include a program to delete all the old files and make the appropriate registry adjustments so I'm not left both wasting my time trying to find this place to ask my question and then returning and performing whatever another forum member or administrator suggests I do? My experience with other programs is that when you update, the new program automatically removes all traces of the old program. OR, if the update is using some of the old program's files, then why doesn't the update INFORM YOU that certain files must be retained, or conversely, INFORM YOU that all old files from the previous version can now be safely deleted? Thank you.