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  1. Hi. A couple of days ago, my installation of free Ad-Aware tried to update itself (I will assume to the 8.3 version) and it went into an infinite loop. The only way I could shut it down was by a hard shutdown of the system. When it came back up, Ad-Aware gave an odd error with no info. I tried to uninstall but it refused to let me. It saidf it couldn't and to do it manually with Programs and Features. So I tried to. It said it was uninstalled and needed to restart but when it came back up, it was still there. Okay so now whwnever I try to uninstall it or run the updated installer, I get a white box error that says"Error Getting File Security:C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Windows\GetLastError:5" and then it prompts me to restart which I don't even bother doing anymore. After several tries, I can tell you, it doesn't work. Anyone else having this issue? I am on Windows 64 Ultimate 64Bit. Thanks for any help.