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  1. Hey CeciliaB, Thanks for this information, I had been hearing contradicting reports on this. I remember once the AV/AM got combined into one engine some said that would mean it could not be ran with another AV while others said it was still ok.
  2. I do have a question about this. Lavasoft Ad-Aware free only updates twice a week which could leave the machine open to malware till it updates. Normally in the past this would have not been a problem due to the fact it worked fine with other AV programs. However now that Ad-Aware free has AV protection I thought it was not designed to be ran with other AV products?
  3. I have not read around the forums in a while but I am personally very glad they may change it back to where its possible to use Ad-Aware as an AntiSpyware only.
  4. Ah thank you very much, so I figure Ad-Aware will not automatically install a later version. Also seems like the last version without a AV is 8.2, looking around I guess it can still be called AE because it does not include AV (I will download as soon as I get it confirmed that is the latest version without AV and it will not automatically upgrade to a later version)
  5. That will be the same thing I am doing, however Lavasoft really should put a do not install AV option in the Ad-Aware setup if they ever decide to "End of Life" the AE edition.
  6. Thanks! I think I am going to install AE and run it next to my Panda Cloud - PrivateFirewall -ClearCloud setup. Could you share a download link to this version every link I can not find a download link to AE.
  7. Hi, I have a question, I am interested in using Ad-Aware however I already have a anti-virus that I like (Panda Cloud). Since Ad-Aware AE is the last version of Ad-Aware that does not have a built in AV scanner can I still run Ad-Aware AE and update it without it attempting to automatically upgrade to the version with AV? Will this version be supported for a while or is it already at end of life?