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  1. [quote name='visitor' post='122740' date='Sep 19 2010, 03:09 AM']You'll need to stop the service from running and restarting to get the uninstall to work. Instructions are in this post: [url=""][/url] Once you uninstall the old version, downloading and installing the new version should work.[/quote] Thank you very much for this information as it worked without a problem, i had exactly the same messages and issues as the person who you directed me too. Many thanks again,
  2. Please can anyone help me with this problem. I have tried to update adware with no success and have now tried to uninstall the programme from my computer which has also failed, as a last resort i tried to install the free version again but it also failed. I seem to get two messages after what seems a long time, the first one reads as follows, Error 1921 Service Lavasoft Ad Aware service ( aawservice ) could not be stopped. Verify that you have sufficient priviledges to stop system services. the second message reads as follows, System Error 1814 has occurred description could not log in to service. Are you runing this application as another user? Application terminates. I am the only user on my computer installed with windows vista 32 bit. I would like to unistall the programme and re install again as i like to use this programme and think it is worthwhile. I have also tried to repair the programme again with no success, any help or advice would be really appreciated, i have to say i am not very computer minded so please explain as best you can to a novice user. Thanking you all in hope of a solution.