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  1. Its not correct. I check this file at yesterday. From 50 Scanner only 6 detect it. But i send this sample to lots of virus labs.Thanks for replycold case
  2. Hello. 1. file (Thomann GmbH KG is zip and have no password. i found it in in my e-mail inbox. 2.file (Lollipop.rar) is rar and password is infected. i found this files on my friend pc registry starts lollipop.exe Thank you for your attention cold case
  3. Sorry for my late answer. All files contain mailware/trojan and they are for analysis. Thanks for you very good Anti-Mailware program "Ad-Adware" cold case
  4. Hello. I found some new "suspicious files" from pc of good friend. Please analyse it ! You can download from [url=""]rapidshare[/url] because uploadtool say upload is to large or .exe upload is forbidden ! [url=""]Download[/url] Mod: Please [b][u]delete all links[/u][/b] in this thread after you read and download this file ! cold case
  5. Thanks for checking all this files and great application "Ad-Aware" (Free Internet Security) cold case
  6. Dear live-support, i scanned my system with Ad-Aware 8.33 and get some false-positive files. All files are clean (tested in Sandboxie). [list][b][u]files[/u][/b] suspicious_files.part1.rar suspicious_files.part2.rar [b][u]password[/u][/b] infected [/list] All folders contain 'Info.txt' for more information and 'md5-checksum.chk' plus+ Scan logfile 'logfile_09.16.2010' Do you need more information or have one question - write in this thread !