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  1. Yeah Works Great, Thanks!! SOLVED
  2. Hi all ... I have Ad-aware AE install on a few PC's, since a few days ago, I too have the Pro Beta 2 Internet Security. It may seem like it only cosmetic or a few pro file got updated by mistake any how I want an easier fix than Uninstall and reinstall because I have it on so many machines ... I'm sure lavasoft can fix this or just provide the info to fix it ... The probem why not updating is that the program is looking for updates at this address :- [url=""][/url] There is NO metafile.dat there and so an update/fix does and will not take place ... Lavasoft can either put the metafile.dat along with fixes at that address or just tell us how to point the update setting to :- [url=""][/url] I tried searching the registry and and application files to see if I could change this for testing purposes and could not find how or where to set the update server settings ... Thanks for any help or insights.