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    I appreciate your feedback. I'm aware of SpywareBlaster, and I already did install it. I'm also aware that killbits are not 100% effective against everything; but what is really? But, considering that I trully need to keep things minimal on that system, without install bigger stuff to protect it, setting killbits, or in this case, more killbits to complement SpywareBlaster would be certainly welcome. It would be great if it was possible to do it, by somehow getting them from Ad-Aware, even if I need to install it in some other system and then apply to the other one. After all, setting killbits, is better than not setting, at all. Thank you
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    Hello, I remember that back in the days of Ad-Aware SE, that Ad-Aware would also provide protection by setting killbits. Is this also the current scenario with newest versions? If so, then how can I get the killbits? The reason I'm asking, is that, I have a system that does not have that much resources, and having real-time protection or other services, simply will make it become less responsive. But, I'd still like to provide some passive protection, and if it was possible to apply the killbits there, would be most welcome. Thank you