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  1. Screen shot attached. Printed screen, saved as a document (tried .doc and .docx) Neither file types will upload. Replied to the update email with the screen shot. Check your email for the document. email failed. Provide an email address and I will send you the screen shots. Thanks Fred
  2. No changes to computer. Problem has been there for months, just too tired to continue living with it. ipl = initial program load, also known as boot, an old term Sorry, I go back to punch card / paper tape days. Doc attached includes screen shot of empty box and screen shot of lavasoft software versions. It also shows the almost 100% cpu at boot, it lasts a couple minutes every boot. Thanks, Fred
  3. Running XP, sp3, Ad Aware Total. If I do a virus profile upgrade, task called gdscan will take over system, 100% cpu. If I kill that task, it comes back after a minute, only this time, it can't be killed. It also automatically runs briefly upon ipl. It may be related, but an empty folder box, part of the lavasoft folders, pops up at ipl time. Have been using this for years. Thanks, Fred
  4. Hi I did that before I entered this on the forum. I also repeated that entry after I read your post. I am still awaiting their response. Thanks, Fred
  5. Purchased 6 licenses to renew my multiple installations of ad aware total. One of the old installations was to expire on 1/15/2013. I provided one of the 'unused' keys and it properly updated the license to expire in 2 years (a two year license). I then did an update and a scan. Now the license expiration is set back to 1/15/2013. I even received the email from lavasoft stating my userid and password, just as i always to upon renewal.(thank you for registering, here is your contact data). I tried supplying the same key but now that key is 'already used'. How do i correct this? Thanks, Fred
  6. I emailed support the screen print, but have received no response from anyone.
  7. I tried all 6 licenses on the laptop, none of them would function. The laptop is using wireless on my home network. There is no proxy server. I signed on and tried the third license, again, and as expected, received the message that the 'license' was already registered. I have that screen print and will email it to support. Can someone assist with this!
  8. During the exercise last week, the call support time in India un-installed the copy of ad-aware total that had been downloaded and installed to this new laptop, and installed ad-aware free instead. They tried many times, to activate it with each of the 6 keys I supplied. Nothing worked. Today, I located that original download of ad-aware total. I un-installed ad-aware free. I installed ad-aware total. (again) I ran it and signed in with my userid and password. It properly recognized that and updated itself. It even detected that my license expires on 1/15/13 and displayed that in the license field. I ran a scan. I ran a tuning run. It worked. I then rebooted my pc. Now the license expiration is blank. Based on the email I received from Nicole, I supplied my userid and password and followed the instructions in her email exactly. I tried this with all 6 of the keys below. All of them display “ The Product has already been registered”. So, How do I get this to work. Remember, per the original email, the application was installed on my wife’s laptop which she burned up. This is a reactivation of the software on her replacement, new, laptop. What do I do to get this to activate? Thanks, Fred
  9. Hello Corina I checked all folders and have nothing. I regularly receive their updates, one as recently as 10/7/12. I also have two recent emails from them about a password change (10/4). I checked the source folders on my email provider and did find the email from you and Cecilia in my spam folder there. But nothing else, including in my deleted folders. Can the response be resent? Thanks, Fred
  10. Hello I received nothing from them so far. I verified that my email address was correct in my profile. Nothing received to date. Can you help? Thanks, Fred
  11. Hello Technical Support I am awaiting your assistance. The above message was posted Friday, Oct 5, 10:12 AM It is now Monday, Oct 8, 10:18 AM. Thanks, Fred
  12. Hello I submitted a support request yesterday and attached the email that included my purchase information, along with the 6 keys. With respect to the new laptop that the call center said needed 'repairs' that only a microsoft certified engineer (at a small charge) could repair, I reviewed my event log with other microsoft experts, nothing of consequence was found. I compared the currently active tasks on the new laptop, at a process level, with my other Windows 7 laptop and found no relevant differences. I matched the IE and other settings between the two laptops and had no luck. It is difficult for me to accept that some background task, or setting, is preventing the validation of the 'key' from Lavasoft. The activation of this replacement software will require attention from the vendor to resolve. I will post the response from Lavasoft. The call center 'expert' said she had worked intensely with Microsoft products for 3 years and was quite comfortable with that level of knowledge. She also said she was 19. No further comment is required. Thanks, Fred
  13. I have a similar problem. Had Ad Aware Total with 6 licenses. One of the computers burned and tried to download and install it on a new computer. None of the 6 keys will work. The 866 support number is useless. All I get is Activation Failed! What do I do to get around this.
  14. I had purchased 6 copies (licenses) of Ad-Aware Total. One was implemented on a laptop that later overheated. I have been trying to activate a new copy of Ad-Aware Total on the new laptop. None of the 6 keys will work. I called the Support Number (866 335 9467). They tried to activate, using the email I displayed for them that showed the keys and when they expired (12/22/2012). No Luck. After 4 hours on the phone to multiple support agents, with multiple remote access sessions in the laptop, they noticed a couple services that had not been started. They called the log and displayed some silly error messages that had nothing to do with anything about this package and stated that only a 'Certified' Microsoft Engineer could correct the problem and of course, there would be a charge for that. This is a new computer. My licenses are still valid. How do I re-activate one of these on the new laptop, replacing the older, burned out, computer? And what sort of scam is this outsourced call center trying to do? Their arrogance is without limit. Thanks, Fred