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  1. [quote name='LS Jeffery' post='123513' date='Nov 3 2010, 09:18 AM']Hello everyone We have published the 8.3.5 update today, this should make the speed of applying updates about 4 times faster. Regards, Jeff - Lavasoft[/quote] Sorry guys I hate to tell you but my splash screen sits for well over 3 minutes just as before. When I launch the updater it sits and sits doing nothing for about 2 minutes before I get a response. It seems that nothing has changed at all as far as I am concerned. I am so disappointed Lavasoft, I had hoped you might have got it right.
  2. [quote name='martinsmithson' post='120966' date='Jul 11 2010, 07:14 AM']Ad-Aware 8.3.0 is the SLOWEST of ANY software PROGRAM that I have USED IN 15 YEARS of online updating. The previous released took only seconds, sometimes - though rarely - a minute, maybe 90 seconds to update. This new 8.3.0 version has been taking anywhere between 2-1/2 to 10 minutes to update. I am confident that there will be a few Ad-Aware moderators or like individuals whom will suggest the SLOW or LAGGING updates are due to their servers being overwhelmed by the BILLIONS of users updating to the latest version. While this may be plausible, it was NEVER this SLOW with 8.2.0 or 8.1.0 or 8.0.0 or any significant update in the past several years. Any suggestions other than wiping Ad-Aware completely out of my system (which I have already done, twice, including but not limited to a manual scrubbing of my Registry and HDD)? Puzzled, Martin[/quote] I have the same problem but tonight was the worst ever!!! 17 mins from launch to close! Normally it takes around 8 - 10 mins and has done for the last few months. Now I am getting really sick of sitting staring at a screen waiting to get on with some work and am on the point of deleting it for good and sticking to Spybot S&D( update download times 1 minute Consistently). Over to you, Lavasoft. Naebuddy