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  1. I got the free version and that als gives the problem i guess. Since it's a free version i cannot control Ad watch and make changes. The reason i tried uninstalling was, that with the program it also would remove the block. But that didn't happen. Now i will try and do as you suggest, install Revo and uninstall Ad aware again. Still it's a shame that a program that used to be great, now give so much problems. Piet
  2. Hello, Ad aware blocked a website i want to watch I can not open the website in either IE8, FF and/or Google Chrome anymore Ad aware gave an pop-up telling me that it blocks the website. How can i unblock it? I allready added it to my trusted websites list under Internet options also checked the .hosts file to see if it was added there. Both didn't work. I can't find an option in Ad aware either to unblock it. I even tryed to uninstall the programm and that also didn't help. Wouldn't it be an idea to let people decide whether they want a website blocked or not? Piet