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  1. [quote name='bmjquest' post='123110' date='Oct 6 2010, 10:26 PM']My pc is hutting down anytime I attempt to run a full scan and at times when I attempt an update. I can most often run a smartscan. I use AdAware free V 8.3.4 currently. Also I have malaware bytes and AVG.... Any thoughts or similar experiences? Thanks[/quote] Why would you have more than one security program in the first place? You never know what will happen but then again I don't think many people believe in installing more than one anti-virus program per computer. Just delete them all but one! It takes up a lot of your ram. You only need about one antivirus program, just make it a program that runs from the time you start your computer untill you shut it down. A program like this is one that you will have to purchase. instead of using multi anti virus and other security tools i would suggest be aware about spyware maleware and other malicious files Use any one good Anti-virus as you mentioned you are using lots of antispywares antivirus etc , using multiple AV can be result of false virus warnings and alerts conflicts and it will also consume your memory. [b]PC Health Advisor[/b] is exactly what you need security program, brings together high quality tools in one comprehensive program.