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  1. [quote name='Donwharton' post='123135' date='Oct 8 2010, 03:30 AM']Why would you have more than one security program in the first place? You never know what will happen but then again I don't think many people believe in installing more than one anti-virus program per computer. Just delete them all but one! It takes up a lot of your ram. You only need about one antivirus program, just make it a program that runs from the time you start your computer untill you shut it down. A program like this is one that you will have to purchase. instead of using multi anti virus and other security tools i would suggest be aware about spyware maleware and other malicious files Use any one good Anti-virus as you mentioned you are using lots of antispywares antivirus etc , using multiple AV can be result of false virus warnings and alerts conflicts and it will also consume your memory. [b]PC Health Advisor[/b] is exactly what you need security program, brings together high quality tools in one comprehensive program.[/quote] Hi, Thanks for replying. I have always used multiple security programs successfully and without conflict,not all run when thepc is active. As for memory it has again, never been an issue, no false warnings or or memory issues. Why use multiple programs? because it has been my experience that no single one provides universal coverage ... It does appear however since I posted my issue, I see in the forums that other adware users had similar issues a few months ago but apparently it hasn't been fully resolved. Just so you know I have uninstalled other security programs and run just the adaware but with no success regarding this issue. Thanks for your interest and comments.
  2. [quote name='Computer wizard' post='123115' date='Oct 7 2010, 03:22 AM']Cheers for that information, did this happen with previous versions of LS adaware you've used? and is adaware the only security solution you have installed?[/quote] CW, I cannot accurately anser regarding version of adaware as they update fairly often, however I would say this is only within the last 4-6 months... and in answer to the second part of your question I use AVG, Avira and Malwarebytes, but have used each of these in combo for years and never had an issue, although Avira is a more recent addition to the solutions arsenal, but I don't recall a correlation between its original installation and this issue. Regards, BMJQUEST
  3. [quote name='Computer wizard' post='123112' date='Oct 7 2010, 12:09 AM']Hey there bmjquest, Sorry too hear you experiencing this trouble and would seem somewhat annoying, can you please provide me with the following details -Operating System: -Service Pack: ( too find which service pack your running, Click Start> Run type in winver and hit enter and a dialog will appear telling you the service pack ) Thank You Computer Wizard[/quote] Hi CW, Thanks for your interest, OS is Windows Vista Home Premium with service pack 2, let me know if you can use any other details. Thanks again
  4. My pc is hutting down anytime I attempt to run a full scan and at times when I attempt an update. I can most often run a smartscan. I use AdAware free V 8.3.4 currently. Also I have malaware bytes and AVG.... Any thoughts or similar experiences? Thanks