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  1. The file protection is disabled. I read, that this happens, if there ist any other similar program active. Bur I don't have another virusprotection installed. System is Win XP SP 3. How do I find the program, which blocks the file protection of Adaware Pro? Thanks for, perhaps in german???
  2. [quote name='visitor' post='123248' date='Oct 16 2010, 02:59 PM']Unfortunaely, there's no exclusion list in Ad-Aware, but we have recommended it to Lavasoft. As it is now, you can set up a Profile Scan, but you need to check all directories to be scanned except the one you want to skip.[/quote] Thanks for the answer. I feared, that this abswer would come. That is not understandable, because it's absolutely important for the daily work to exclude special folders, to improve the velocitiy of work. Why should Adaware always scan things, where nevee could be a virus.... I hope very strongley, that they will implement this feature, otherwise I have to change the Security-Software to a product, wich will be able to exclude folders.
  3. Is it possible to exclude single folders from Ad Watch live? I believe, the programm will exceed the time to start a single program on my pc extremly. I trust the program, so it must not be scanned.