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  1. [quote name='surfing69' post='123166' date='Oct 10 2010, 12:10 PM']i totally agree with Polaris. Over the last 1 -2 years ad-aware has become painfully slow in scanning and updating. COME ON LAVASOFT - WHATS GOING ON? YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS[/quote] I have the same problems, I have version 8.3.3, Ad-Aware takes forever to scan and to update, scanning (not even the complete one by the way) can take over 2 hours and updating 30 minutes. All the latest versions are like this. On top of this, I'm on Windows 7 64 bits with 8 Gig RAM with a 4 core 3.2 Giz CPU and yet it's incredibly painfully slow. Ad-Aware has turned into a bloatware. Spyware Terminator does more, better and faster, the file is much smaller and there is even a 64 bits version, and it's free.