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  1. It's all TOO BIG. I need to be able to move them to a different drive. I finally had to uninstall AA because it was stopping my computer completely. Too bad. [quote name='visitor' post='123379' date='Oct 26 2010, 01:28 AM']500mb for current files only? I download defs manually and they're ~100mb. Ad-Aware doesn't automatically delete/replace old defs, so check the file dates - The new defs are cumulative, so you should be able to move or delete old ones. Try moving older ones first, and if Ad-Aware loads the current defs and runs, you'll know the old files aren't needed. Also, if you need free space - as long as your system is clean and stable, you can turn off system restore to delete old restore points, then turn it on again to create a new one. On my system, each restore point is ~50mb.[/quote]
  2. [quote name='visitor' post='123369' date='Oct 25 2010, 10:19 AM']Old defs can be moved, but the new ones need to stay since the program looks for them. Otherwise you'd have to uninstall then reinstall using the "custom install" to choose another drive for the program - but IIRC, even doing that, the defs still end up in C:/App Data, probably due to interaction with the OS.[/quote] So... there is NO WAY to move the defs to a different drive? They now take up nearly 500MB of space!
  3. Definition downloads are all dumped on my C:\ drive which is now filling up. Is there a way to move them to a different drive and have new downloads go to the new drive as well? Thank you.