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  1. Hi -- "computer wizard" on the ad-aware forum suggested I post this here: I can't get ad-aware to load (it hangs at the startup screen). Along with this, avast is reporting malicious attacks a few times a hour, generally upon svchost.exe, often also on firefox. Possibly related to svchost's problems, at startup an app I didn't even know I had [referred to as "Camera software" (isw.exe)] crashed. As a session goes on, sometimes my machine slows to a stop and 100% of my cpu is taken up though I'm not doing anything to speak of. If I restart my machine (laptop running xp), all is okay for a while but I keep getting the avast svchost messages. So: does anyone have any suggestions in fixing the svchost issues and/or getting ad-aware to load and run so perhaps it can find the problem? Thanks!! -John
  2. Running XP and the latest version of Ad-Aware, the program seems to get stuck upon start-up at the "Loading..." message. Help? I looked at other posts and could not tell if they related to this problem or not. Any input welcome. To add a bit of detail, I just restarted and up came the Ad-Aware Update Manager which glacially indicated "Overall progress" and that it was downloading cetain files (CSC39-EN-7143-7144-I.sbr.sgn.file size 430K). After about a minuete it said "Applying update: Extended definition: applying 1 update". Then the update screen went away for a while (one minute). Then the Aware Update manager came back on, showed no progress, then it went away as well. I don't know if this is relevant, but I perhaps should add that it seems I'm having problems with svchost.exe. Avast comes up a few times an hour indicating a "threat has been detected" so I think some virus or other is going after that service. And sometimes svchost takes over the cpu entirely and the machine stops operating.