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  1. Since I updated to 8.3.4 my computer has been hellish sluggish, especially on start up. I was wondering if ad aware is meant to continually access the HDD on start up because I wasn't seeing so much action before the update. The reason I've come here is because I just had a nightmare 30 minutes. I had a game notification pop up for the Impulse software (games platform similar to Steam) and I got an accompanying message informing me that csc.exe had failed to initiate. I could not open the Impulse software without getting the same message so I went to their forums online and that is when all hell got set loose. I was suddenly unable to do anything in Firefox, just getting an audible beep when I clicked any option on screen, including the Windows button. I was trying to close the computer down via task manager when something called Process Watch popped up. My screen went black and I had to resort to shutting down the tower with the off button. Looking up Process Watch suggested it was part of ad-aware. I see it on the pro version of ad-aware but the free version doesn't mention it. I know the csc.exe error suggests other problems, and I am looking in to that, but could someone explain if I'm paranoid about ad-aware misbehaving and the pop up of process watch? I'm told that the audible beep could mean that the mouse functions are overloaded but I'm unsure as to why Process Watch popped up and appeared to prompt a shut down. I've never had any reason to be concerned about ad-aware in the past as it has always running smoothly in the background and kept me sure I'm safeguarded. Just lately it seems to have become concerning. Maybe these problems are nothing to do with ad-aware and this csc.exe issue has been the cause of sluggishness for the past few days, but if someone could offer me some insight I'd be very appreciative. I performed some malware scans just a few days ago, with another program just before I upgraded ad-aware. They came out clean. I use AVG for a virus scanner and that hasn't notified me of any problems. I fear there is worse at hand and I'd just like to rule out ad-aware but the process watch incident has me concerned. Thanks, in advance.