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  1. Probably something is conflicting it during startup. You might want to check your startup applications. HijackThis is one application to use or you can use Systernals Autoruns... I prefer to use this as it has much detailed info about all the auto startup apps.
  2. If it's running so slow, did try to monitor on your Task Manager on which file taking most of the CPU or RAM resources? There might be other applications running in conflict. First thing I check when there is a slow down is Task Manager. If I found nothing there, there might be some other conflicts.
  3. I have the latest version installed on freshly formatted Windows 7, at first it was kinda sluggish and I'm not sure what was the problem. But after few reboots, it updates normally. I don't know if there is a conflict with my Personal Firewall, I've got Comodo Internet Security as well. Maybe I should try to switch personal firewall.