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  1. the post Failed to Connect to Service, Solution & Workaround advises on removing ad aware with Revo, which I did I also remvoed my otehr securty software, and re installed ad aware I still get the same Failed to Connect to Service, message there is obviously a problem, but why are lavasoft so lazy that they cannot find a solution?
  2. [quote name='visitor' post='123624' date='Nov 11 2010, 03:58 AM']There's a sticky topic for the connection error: [url="http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index.php?showtopic=27351"]http://www.lavasoftsupport.com/index.php?showtopic=27351[/url][/quote] Oh, so i am not the only one. I also tried the "service" thing, but it still failed. I haven't got revo, is this only way to uninstall this dumb software? Why dont lavasoft fix the issue?
  3. for several years i have tried downlaoding ad-aware, because once upon a time it was a good program. However, it always fails load, and i end up using other software this time, i downloaded the new version from softpedia. It spend 30 mins updating files. however the program does not load, and is showing an erro message, not conencting... you do not have a customer service for the free version, nor do u have an email by not addressing this issue, how would i have faith in your company to purchase the pro version?