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    Boot Failure

    [quote name='suzane ramin' post='123647' date='Nov 12 2010, 03:59 PM']In this situation it would be good for you to consult any experienced tech guy rather than questioning over LSS and get answer after some justification.[/quote] Suzane: so LSS offers "tech Support", except when its a problem cause by LSS's own software, then you have to go out an hire a real tech support person. Doesn't say much, or perhaps all one needs to know, about LSS and its alleged tech support. At what a tech support person charges, a new computer is cheaper. Thanks ever so much for all the support!
  2. Downloaded & installed v8.3.5; at end requested restart, clicked 'enter', system started reboot process, but shortly after initial boot-up screen, screen went blank, and hard drive light went from blinking to steady on, to off. No response from computer since; every try with "esc" key, F8, and F2 keys results in a blank screen. Currently using Windows 7 and a 1 yr old Compaq, AMD processor, 19" LCD monitor. This message (and subsequent responses) sent via portable Dell running XP Sp3. Please, H E L P !