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  1. I used to have the free version of AAW-AE, which I didn't update for a long time. Today I tried ti update, and the software recommended an upgrade to a newer version. I agreed, and tried the upgrade, but this caused my PC to stop responding to any clicks. I used safe mode to uninstall AAW, but that didn't help. I then made a system restore to a time before this incident. Long story short: I now have a partially installed version of some AAW product. I cannot access it. I cannot uninstall it (trying from the "add/remove programs" just does nothing; running the uninstall program responds with "This application has failed to start because mia.lib was not found"). The system tray shows process AAWService.exe and AAWTray.exe. The AAW tray has an exclamation mark. My PC OS is XP SP2. Can I manually uninstall the remains of AAW, so I can get the new version? Thanks!