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  1. CeciliaB

    Speed Test Issue

    You're welcome Note that's possible to configure many features and allow more than the default settings.
  2. CeciliaB

    Bug (hight-risk)

    Hi again, Sorry for the delay. My contact person wants that you send a PM, with all the information you've about the bug, to me, and then I'll forward all the information to my contact person, who will send it to the right department. You send me a PM by clicking on the Message button near my name on the page https://forum.adaware.com/index.php?/profile/79449-ceciliab/.
  3. CeciliaB

    Speed Test Issue

    Hi Julio, From your other post I think you've a paid version of adaware antivirus and then you can contact the support team from the menus in adaware antivirus, instead of this forum with volunteers. Have you tried to only disable the features within adaware antivirus to figure out which feature that prevents you from visiting Oakla speed test?
  4. CeciliaB

    Slow Windows Explorer

    Hi Julio, Please see posts in
  5. The post above translates approx. to:
  6. CeciliaB

    Curse Application Being Blocked

    According to my contact person the problem will be solved in the next major version that will be released during 2019 (the plan says Q1 but that can be changed).
  7. CeciliaB

    Bug (hight-risk)

    You're welcome :) I've a contact person at adaware software that will try to find a person in the right department for you. I'll post again when I get more information.
  8. CeciliaB

    Bug (hight-risk)

    Hi mohamed, You might try to send a PM to the administrator, who is employed by adaware software: https://forum.adaware.com/index.php?/profile/82701-ann_m/ Are you sure that you want to post your email address? It can be found by spam spiders and you might get a lot of spam.
  9. CeciliaB

    Curse Application Being Blocked

    Hi again @Restassured316, It seems that the posted solution is still the only one, but since you've a paid version you can contact the support team from the menus within adaware antivirus.
  10. Hi RJB, You're welcome and I'm glad it's been solved.
  11. Hi RJB, I believe more in a bad installation program in TextPad 7. I suggest that you do a system restore to a date before the installation of TextPad 7 (I assume that you did that recently). Here is a instruction of how to do a system restore to a specific date in Windows 10: https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/4588-system-restore-windows-10-a.html Please come back and tell me if it helped.
  12. CeciliaB

    Curse Application Being Blocked

    Hi Restassured316, I've asked my contact person at adaware software what has happened during the last year, but I didn't receive an answer before the weekend, I'll ask on Monday again.
  13. CeciliaB


    Hi Jhamzic, Please see https://www.adaware.com/user-guide/activation with the different alternatives in the information message below the first screen shot.
  14. CeciliaB

    Offline updates

    Hi Bob, 1. Is adaware antivirus detecting Trojan.bat.Powelike? In which file and folder? 2. Please follow the instructions in Step 2 in the topic When you've posted the log files, I'll move your topic to the forum Help with Stubborn Infections.
  15. CeciliaB


    Hi tzimmerman, I hope that you're satisfied with the email you've gotten.