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  1. Sorry, I don't understand what you mean. Maybe some screen shots can help you explain.
  2. M-Nyby, no need to apologize Thanks for reporting about the web page and what's happening with your problem. I hope that it'll be solved soon.
  3. Yes, but this is a topic in the "Request a feature" forum. Its purpose is to let users suggest features for upcoming versions. If you're lucky the developers think it's a good idea and include it in the next version. Please don't use the forum for SEO by including links that aren't necessary.
  4. Hi maufraddy, There is no better solution than uninstalling Adaware protect beta.
  5. Do you mean to activate Adaware antivirus as described on this page? https://www.adaware.com/user-guide/activation Sorry, I can't help you with activation since I've no access to the customer databases of Adaware antivirus. You can contact the support team through the menus in a computer with a paid version of Adware antivirus. Otherwise you can use:
  6. Hi Portal Cronos, Do you mean on the adaware web site? If yes, please try another browser.
  7. You're welcome and I wish that it would be my swimming pool I'll inform my contact person about the Google+ information, thanks. This forum is mainly for the free version of Adaware and that version is only for personal use, and therefore I forget that it's possible to pay for support of Windows 7.
  8. Sorry, I haven't seen that email address on the web site. I think there is a link to this forum for those who need help (if they haven't redesigned the pages)..
  9. You're welcome This is the topic: https://forum.adaware.com/index.php?/topic/35079-problem-with-activation-of-paid-versions-of-adaware-antivirus-12/ and since the title is "Problem with activation of paid versions of adaware antivirus 12" and that isn't your problem, I ain't surprised that you didn't find it. Please read the last paragraphs of that post.
  10. We welcome everyone to reply to questions That's how I and other persons have started to be frequent users of the forum. I agree that 24 hours usually is too long, but if e.g. an antivirus program scans 100 TB of files, it will take very long time or if the hard disk is bad and Windows has to read the data many times before it's correct and can be transferred to the antivirus program.
  11. CeciliaB


    Hi again, My contact person says that isn't any employee that has created those accounts.
  12. Hi M-Nyby, The forum's system for email addresses and passwords isn't the same as the system for keeping track of users of the programs. Different programs and different requirements. If you've any issues with activation, accounts etc. you've to contact the support team since I've no access to those systems.
  13. CeciliaB


    Hi Boris, I'm a volunteer and I don't know what the employees do but I'll ask my contact person.
  14. Hi steverex, Which process was using all the memory? Is this a new installation or have you been using adaware antivirus for awhile with several Full Scans? The first full scan can take very long time since information is saved about every file and that information is used during the next scan to shorten the time. If there are file system errors or if the hard disk is bad, the scan might take very long time due to all reading errors.
  15. Hi romulusnr, I'm sorry, but it's also important for antivirus companies to keep the user's computers safe and today that's impossible with Windows 7 since it contains too many known vulnerabilities.