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  1. If that doesn't help, please see https://forum.adaware.com/index.php?/topic/37735-paid-for-renewal-ad-aware-reverted-to-free/
  2. Hi Chemerical One, Please try this: https://www.adaware.com/user-guide/license_renewal
  3. Hi @AndyW54, I've informed by contact person in the company.
  4. Hi Rune, Sorry, you've to contact customer support. Email address: [email protected] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialadaware/ If you haven't received a reply within 48 hours (workdays), you need to check the spam and/or junk folders in the web mail, since sometimes the reply is considered as spam by your email provider. If no a reply is found, you can send me a PM with your email address and license key. I'll then inform my contact person at adaware software (but not in the support team), who will contact the support team and ask why no reply has been sent to you.
  5. Hi ewallen, Please follow the description in this guide: https://www.adaware.com/user-guide/application_rules to configure the settings of the games. Did that solve your problem?
  6. Hi Ron, It does. No, but you can scan with Defender when you want to do that (according to what I've heard). Yes You shouldn't try to do that since having two antivirus with real-time protection will slow down the computer and might cause crashes or other problems due to conflicts between their drivers.
  7. Hi Alan, As I wrote in my previous post, the forum can't help you, you've to contact the support team.
  8. Hi Thrumpton1578, Please attach a screen shot of the screen where you can't do anything, we need to know the infected file.
  9. Hi irvjo, Thanks for the information, I'll forward it to my contact person.
  10. Irvjo, you're welcome. Avanquest Software owns the adaware product now: https://www.avanquest.com/UK/software/adaware-antivirus-professional-506445 https://www.avanquest.com/discover-avanquest/
  11. gspdzrfj, you're welcome It's important to check the email website since many email providers filter the emails before sending them to a computer.
  12. Hi gspdzrfj, Have you logged into the webmail and checked the folder for spam/junk/bulk emails?
  13. Hi @irvjo, Minor releases are still released now and then even if it's been version 12 during several years. I haven't heard from my contact person in the company that they're planning to phase out the antivirus program. What I've understood is that there have been major changes in the ownership including that the former owner has been bought by another company.
  14. You're welcome I hope it will arrive soon.
  15. @BlockMyAds @Jan23 @Blinndox The developers have updated the code and they'll give it a shot next week.