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  1. CeciliaB

    Disappearing adaware ignore list

    It's easier to try to reproduce the problem when they've as much information a possible, please send me the list.
  2. CeciliaB


    Hi Cooldaddyo, That file isn't a part of the antivirus program but of Web Companion. I'll move your topic to that forum and you can read about the solution here: https://forum.adaware.com/index.php?/topic/34376-solution-for-lavasofttcpservice-problem-after-uninstallation/
  3. CeciliaB

    About encryption Protection

    I see, as far as I know ransomware is treated like all other kinds of virus and malware, adaware antivirus tries to recognize and quarantine/delete all malicious files. See: https://forum.adaware.com/index.php?/topic/34910-how-to-enable-adaware12-protect-ransomware/&page=0#comment-152305 Before I wrote that reply, I asked my contact person at adaware software.
  4. CeciliaB

    Disappearing adaware ignore list

    If you can keep a list of what you're doing at the computer, e.g. using browser X, MS Office, game Y, insert/remove USB device type Z, using VPN, as detailed as possible but of course without being too personal, it would be very helpful and adaware software would be very grateful.
  5. CeciliaB

    About encryption Protection

    Hi Wefo, Sorry, but I find it difficult to understand your question. Can you describe with more details?
  6. CeciliaB

    Pro version downgraded to Free version

    Hi Bill, Please see this topic: https://forum.adaware.com/index.php?/topic/35079-problem-with-activation-of-paid-versions-of-adaware-antivirus-12/
  7. CeciliaB

    Disappearing adaware ignore list

    Adaware software hasn't been able to reproduce your problem when they've set adaware antivirus to Polish and with your ignore list, and without being able to reproduce the problem it's very difficult to find the code line that needs to be changed.
  8. CeciliaB

    Disappearing adaware ignore list

    Sorry, I haven't any more information than the bug has been added to the list of bugs to correct.
  9. Hi scorecard, I've copied the important information from your document and pasted below to make it easier to read it: I've deleted your document from your post since it contained your email address and that can be misused by someone else. How long time have you waited when the screen seems to be locked? Please, try to repair adaware antivirus by first clicking the Modify button seen in the screenshot above and then repair, see https://www.adaware.com/antivirus/troubleshoot. When the repair is finished, please restart the computer and try to uninstall again. If still unsuccessful, please see https://www.adaware.com/removal-tool on how to use the Removal Tool.
  10. CeciliaB


    Hi John, What's your problem? It's difficult to help you without a problem description.
  11. CeciliaB

    Android adaware ad block

    Hi Duane, Have you seen the video about adaware ad block? There is a link to it on this web page: https://www.adaware.com/ad-block Or do you mean that you know how to block ads on other pages but can't do it on that specific web site?
  12. CeciliaB


    You're welcome :) You can't do that yourself, it's only the admins that can delete accounts. I'll send the head admin a message.
  13. CeciliaB


    I agree, that was probably the reason. Do you notice Web Companion anywhere now?
  14. CeciliaB


    There is a support team within the company but they aren't handling the forum. I saw that you'd a free program from Avast installed, if you get a problem with that you'll have to go to the Avast forum and there will be volunteers helping you. That's very common for free programs.
  15. CeciliaB


    Sorry, please repeat my previous post and make sure that fixlist.txt doesn't contain any line breaks/carriage returns that shouldn't be there. According to the log files several lines in the box has been split in fixlist.txt . For example this single line: FF SearchPlugin: C:\Users\Jenny\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\5e9nshx3.default-1480451579585-1516624818491\searchplugins\bing-lavasoft-ff59.xml [2018-06-24] has been divided into three lines in your fixlist.txt: FF SearchPlugin: C:\Users\Jenny\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\5e9nshx3.default-1480451579585-1516624818491\searchplugins\bing-lavasoft-ff59.xml [2018-06-24] and the FRST doesn't understand it.