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  1. zeus virus

    Hi barbugh, Do you have any problems with zeus infections?
  2. Y won't msi begin update?

    Hi barbugh, Please answer these questions: 1, Which version of adaware antivirus do you have? 2, Which version of Windows do you have? 3. How do you update adaware antivirus? 4. What happens when you try to update?
  3. Hi again, Adaware software says that they are working on an update of ad block and it'll be ready before the release of Firefox version 57 in November. Please, use the stable version of Firefox, instead of the beta version.
  4. Hi pnophotography, I'll contact adaware software (Lavasoft) regarding your information.
  5. Comodo Firewall + Adaware Antivirus Free

    You're welcome, Wefo
  6. Adaware Antivir is unable to be deinstalled

    Hi yutomakh, Which version of adaware antivirus do you have? Can you select Change -> Repair for adaware antivirus in Control Panel's list of installed programs?
  7. scan report options

    Hi tmagz, Never delete files, since all antivirus programs sometimes have false positives and then you want to be able to restore them from the quarantine.
  8. 'thank-you' tab

    Hi again, I got the following information from adaware software: Which Firefox version are you using? Is it possible that you've some kind of software that removes files or try to keep files in the Firefox profile the same the whole time, e.g. an antivirus program or CCleaner? After displaying the "thank you" page, adaware ad block saves that information in a special file in the extension folder within the Firefox profile and if that file is deleted, ad block thinks that it hasn't displayed the "thank you" page yet and does it again. Try to remember if you installed any programs or extensions before this problem started. If you don't have any such program, please uninstall the extension (or whole ad block), restart the computer and install it again. Please keep us posted, it would be very helpful if anyone else gets the same problem.
  9. update popups

    Please see topic OpenGL Error Message.
  10. update popups

    Hi 757guy, Please download and save adaware antivirus 12.2 from the website, uninstall your old adaware antivirus, restart the computer and then install adaware antivirus 12.2. Or have you already done that? If yes, please follow the instructions in How to report a problem.
  11. Cryptocurrency Mining software

    Have you restarted the computer? Maybe adaware antivirus has downloaded the new version but needs a restart to start using it, only a guess.
  12. Cryptocurrency Mining software

    Hi platitude, Please note that adaware antivirus version 12.2 was released at September 13.
  13. Adaware Total

    Hi Tahywemon, Please see the topic https://forum.adaware.com/index.php?/topic/34969-opengl-error-message/.
  14. zeus virus

    Hi Dave, When do you get these notifications since it isn't during a scan? In which file does adaware antivirus think is infected with Zeus or what happens? Since I don't know where your phone call landed (phone calls usually is to 3rd party), I recommend that you contact the support team of adaware software through the adaware antivirus pro program: Help Center in left column -> Contact Support See https://www.adaware.com/user-guide/help Home -> How to -> Get Help Or by email: https://www.adaware.com/antivirus/submit-a-ticket
  15. 'thank-you' tab

    Hi aint_that_somethn, I'm trying to find someone at adaware software (Lavasoft) that can help you. Please be patient.