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  1. CeciliaB


    Hi, It looks like an uninstallation is ongoing. Please wait until it's finished. Web Companion isn't malware, it's trying to help you protect the computer from malware.
  2. CeciliaB

    Disappearing adaware ignore list

    @specopsbarton The developers want to see the screen shots of the ignore list and to know which files/folders that you have added, it isn't enough with the "IgnoreList.db" according to them.
  3. CeciliaB

    Unable to download definitions files

    Do you know anything that changed in the computer around the time when adaware antivirus no longer could update def.?
  4. CeciliaB

    Unable to download definitions files

    Hi again, Do you connect to internet through a proxy server or VPN server? Please check here: Settings - Network and Internet VPN and Proxy in left column If you don't know how to interpret the information, please take screen shots and attach to your reply.
  5. CeciliaB


    Hi intel, Which error do you get when you try to install, register and activate adaware antivirus the normal way?
  6. Hi, Nice that you solved your problem and wrote the solution :) In the rules that adaware software (Lavasoft) has for the companies that want to include WebCompanion with their installation files, those companies must let you choose weather you want to install WebCompanion or not. If you didn't get a choice, adaware software would like to know which program that you installed to be able to talk to that manufacturer. Note that all information I have comes from adaware software, I'm not a specialist in their products, they are. Therefore the staff isn't useless, they provide me with a lot of useful information when I forward the questions here to them, and neither the company nor their products are scams.
  7. CeciliaB

    Disappearing adaware ignore list

    My contact person hasn't received any information from the developers, he will ask again.
  8. CeciliaB

    Unable to download definitions files

    You're welcome :) My contact person will ask the developers for more suggestions.
  9. CeciliaB

    Disappearing adaware ignore list

    Sorry, no reply from my contact person yesterday (Monday).
  10. CeciliaB

    Unable to download definitions files

    Hi, Thanks :) I'll ask my contact person for more suggestions on Monday.
  11. CeciliaB

    Unable to download definitions files

    Hi again, Unfortunately the error code in the log file doesn't tell the exact problem, but they suggest this: In Windows Explorer find this folder: c:\Program Files\adaware\adaware antivirus\Antimalware Engine Rename its sub-folder definitions to something else, e.g. definitions.old. Turn off the firewall of the computer. Try to update adaware antivirus. Turn on the firewall What's the result?
  12. CeciliaB

    why no reply to emails ?

    Hi @Rose-Dew, I'm sorry for your problem too, and you're welcome back with necessary information (see other posts) if you don't get a reply from the support team.
  13. CeciliaB

    Unable to download definitions files

    Hi, Thanks for the logs, I've forwarded the link to my contact person at adaware software.
  14. CeciliaB

    why no reply to emails ?

    And now the account is gone.
  15. CeciliaB

    why no reply to emails ?

    Sorry, I'll send an email to him to remind him to check his PM:s. At the moment I'm the only one replying to general questions about the products, but as you can see there are few questions, not much time that is required. Staff from adaware software take care of the false positive forum.