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  1. Do you mean that you can't start CPanel, that it crashes, that Web Companion isn't in the list or that the uninstallation fails? Have you done 3 - 6 in the list in my previous post?
  2. Hi Eric, I can see that Bitdefender is the source of Gen:Variant.Razy.582623 and that means, when you inform Bitdefender of this false positive, they'll update their definitions and send that information to Adaware software. https://www.bitdefender.com/consumer/support/answer/40673/
  3. Hi samandar, Please: Uninstall Web Companion from the list of installed programs in Windows, if it exists there. Restart the computer. Uninstall from the list of installed add-ons/extensions etc. in all browsers, if it exists there. Restart the browsers. If you still notice Web Companion in a browser, go through the settings of the browser and delete/disable/change everything that is related to Web Companion. Restart the browser.
  4. Hi olivehippopotamus, Which antivirus program(s) did you have before the installation of Adaware antivirus? Maybe some left-overs disturb Adaware antivirus.
  5. Hi again @mikeshome1, Have anything changed since January when the scan took a lot more than 12 hours? What's the size of the used part of the hard disk? Have you tested the hard disk with the test program of the manufacturer of the computer or hard disk?
  6. Hi egward, Sorry, the purpose of this forum is to help people use Adaware antivirus and some other Adaware products. I suggest that you ask in a forum for web site development instead.
  7. I wanted to know if you do have a full up to date for this program that I do have?, And do you have a better link back to your company computer system with a newer program.

    I don't have no money to give you but I do need a full access so I can check out the rest of the other programs I have on CD disk. Please do try to give me your answer to my question.

    1. CeciliaB


      I'm sorry, but Ad-Aware SE hasn't been supported since 2009. Back then it was replaced by Ad-Aware AE and that one has also been replaced by other products and versions. Even the company that owns the products has changed from Lavasoft to Solaria Fund to Adaware software to Avanquest.

      Today the free product is called Adaware Antivirus Free and it can be downloaded from the page https://www.adaware.com/free-antivirus-download

      I think that products developed for Windows Vista and XP won't work well with Windows 10.

  8. Hi Kenny, You can see the supported versions of Adaware antivirus here: https://www.adaware.com/free-antivirus-download
  9. I am trying to change my email address. I login successfully, type in the new email, and save it. The confirmation is sent to my old email. I then click on the "CLICK HERE TO VALIDATE NEW EMAIL" tag in that email. Next time I attempt to login to Adaware the new email address does not work but the old email does. Is there a reason the validation is sent to my old email? What am I missing?


    1. CeciliaB


      Hi meanmac,

      Sorry, I can't help you. Please contact the customer support team, see the link at the bottom of the email.

      I've deleted the attached PDF file since it contains your email address and that's private information.

    2. meanmac


      Thanks. Where is the email for the customer support team?

    3. CeciliaB


      You're welcome. In your email, you've a link near the end of the email.  Or see here: https://forum.adaware.com/index.php?/topic/35079-problem-with-activation-of-paid-versions-of-adaware-antivirus-12/


  10. Hi amro, Please see this topic: https://forum.adaware.com/index.php?/topic/35079-problem-with-activation-of-paid-versions-of-adaware-antivirus-12/
  11. Hi David, Yes, that can be the reason. Please turn it off and check. Note, I'm a volunteer and not part of the support team.