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  1. I wanted to know if you do have a full up to date for this program that I do have?, And do you have a better link back to your company computer system with a newer program.

    I don't have no money to give you but I do need a full access so I can check out the rest of the other programs I have on CD disk. Please do try to give me your answer to my question.

    1. CeciliaB


      I'm sorry, but Ad-Aware SE hasn't been supported since 2009. Back then it was replaced by Ad-Aware AE and that one has also been replaced by other products and versions. Even the company that owns the products has changed from Lavasoft to Solaria Fund to Adaware software to Avanquest.

      Today the free product is called Adaware Antivirus Free and it can be downloaded from the page https://www.adaware.com/free-antivirus-download

      I think that products developed for Windows Vista and XP won't work well with Windows 10.