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  1. Then you've to contact the support team and you should be able to do that through the menus in the program.
  2. Hi Vorless, Is it the antivirus program or another product?
  3. Strange, it works for me with Firefox and it seems to be the correct link without redirection. But I'll inform my contact person in the company.
  4. At least, you've done everything you can do, except for reinstallation of Windows, to have Adaware antivirus working as usual.
  5. Hi mike30269, I'm sorry to hear about your problem and I'll forward the information to my contact person in the company.
  6. Welcome back :default_smile:

    1. Duckie


      Thank you Cecilia, it's been a long time, good to see you moved up the ranks from the last i was here :)

  7. Hi again, They're working to get AdBlock back in Firefox but can't say when it's finished.
  8. Hi BWarriner, I suggest that you include the Removal Tool in your uninstallation to decrease the chance that there are adaware antivirus left-overs that disturb the program. This is the procedure: Uninstall Adaware antivirus Restart the computer Run the Removal Tool Restart the computer Installs Adaware Restarts the computer Removal Tool: https://www.adaware.com/removal-tool
  9. Hi Roy, I suggest that you uninstall Adaware antivirus, restart the computer, use the Removal Tool, restart the computer, installs Adaware again and finally restarts the computer again. Removal Tool: https://www.adaware.com/removal-tool
  10. Hi Lecomte, Mozilla reports that the add-on has been removed by the developer. I don't know why but I'll ask my contact person at Adaware software. I can understand your English without any problems.
  11. Hi harbercandelario, Please go through the settings of your browsers and uninstall the Web Companion add-on. Restart the computer and try to delete the Lavasoft folder. Any error messages?
  12. Hi Mike, Due to the web address I think you've allowed notifications from that web site in the browser. See here to remove it from the browser: Chrome, Firefox and old Edge: https://lifehacker.com/disable-those-annoying-browser-notifications-once-and-1822154599 New Edge: https://www.windowsq.com/t/how-to-allow-or-block-web-push-notifications-for-sites-in-microsoft-edge.724/ Not a virus and not something antivirus programs care of since it isn't dangerous or harmful for the computer.
  13. Hi again Randy, The antivirus program and the ad-blocking software are separate products. Both are available as free products. The antivirus program is also available as a paid premium program and the prizes are presented on its web site. Sometimes there are discounts but none here knows when that happens.
  14. Hi Dennis, Probably a developer that has made a mistake. If you don't like it, check if the same thing happens when you download the program from https://www.adaware.com/.
  15. Hi again, Adaware antivirus is as safe as other antivirus programs. No antivirus program can protect you from everything, you need to be careful too and have backups and be able to reinstall Windows.
  16. Hi RandyPhillips, For Firefox: https://www.adaware.com/ad-blocker For Chrome and other compatible browsers using Chrome Web Store: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/adaware-ad-block/cmllgdnjnkbapbchnebiedipojhmnjej
  17. Don't install adware or other types of malicious programs.
  18. Hi again Eizadora, Please, explain what you mean. This topic is about Adaware antivirus version 11 and that is a very old version.
  19. Hi Eizadora, Please note that the question is about adaware antivirus and not adware.
  20. Hi Eizadora, I guess that you can notice any differences yourself. But as I wrote back in 2018, users have different opinions and maybe more dislike an automatic update at Windows startup since it makes the startup slower.
  21. Hi RandyPhillips, Generally not, but maybe in your computer due to some rare condition. The only way to know is to compare with and without Adaware antivirus in your computer. E.g. using a VPN, that you maybe do, can slow down the internet connection speed.
  22. Hi LEL, How did you uninstall Web Companion?
  23. Hi RandyPhillips, Yes, Adaware antivirus free version is free for everyone to use, if downloaded from https://www.adaware.com/free-antivirus-download
  24. They should reply within 48 hours (not weekends). Have you logged into your webmail and checked the spam folder? If it hasn't been sorted as spam, please send me a PM with your email address and license key (don't post it in the forum). I'll then inform my contact person at Adaware software (but not in the support team), who will contact the support team and ask why no reply has been sent to you.