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  1. To answer your original question:
  2. BTW, this problem began in August 2004 when SE was released.
  3. MajorGeeks seems to have it:
  4. It's likely due to the settings of the Ad-Watch feature of the SE Pro:
  5. Well, a wipe and reinstall was perhaps a bit drastic, but if you have things sorted out, then rock on mate.
  6. See if Corrine's blog here helps sort this out for you:
  7. OneCare's situation with AdAware 2007 (and also McAfee Site Advisor btw) is from the update released 31/1/08. I'm sure it will all get sorted out as Spike suggests. For now, there is a simple solution ... either uninstall one of the two programs or ignore the conflict warning from OneCare. Kind of obvious, no?
  8. I should think this conflict occurs because both applications operate as a service, and theoretically they might detect and attempt to remove the same malware simultaneously.
  9. BTW, in case you missed this: A coalition of privacy groups filed a complaint against on 19 January 2008 with the United States Federal Trade Commission, alleging that the search engine history anonymization tool (AskEraser) could actually be used to track people rather than providing anonymity and protecting their privacy. From "Consumer Privacy Coalition Files FTC Complaint Against"
  10. Thanks Janie. Since I have to respond to Michael via this forum, here's some thoughts ... I certainly respect Janie as well, and I'm sure she knows that. You are most fortunate to have someone of her ability leading your support forum. However, I'm not sure I should be categorized as one of the "pointing a damning finger at everyone else who chooses to distribute a toolbar" people. I'm not sure what part of my post was full of rumor or mis-information. Toolbars are indeed a "hot" topic in the spyware fighting community, and the companies who add them without the downloader's knowledge or acceptance deservedly get their feet held to the fire ... as do those who bundle them and tick the "accept" box for you as the default option (ie: ZoneAlarm's SpyBlocker, the subject of many many threads on various security forums). ‘Opt In by default’ toolbars are very troubling IMO. The Spy Sweeper installer had the Ask Toolbar and Search Assistant pre-checked as an opt-in last fall, and you know the firestorm that erupted, leading to many sites removing the software from public view or discontinuing updates posts. To quote IAMSKINZ from another time and place: "I truely believe that all here know that Lavasoft was formed for one reason and one reason only. It was a mans desire to provide the means for all to use the internet and not be taken over by malicious software, no matter who you are.",12685010 Anyone who has been around a while knows that this man IAMSKINZ is referring to is urizen. They also know that as a former "super moderator" of the LS support forum, I had joined his fight, sharing a common vision. I posted a polite inquiry here on this forum to urizen, a post that was removed without the courtesy of an explanation, at least until now. It's your forum, and it is certainly your right to run it any way that you like.
  11. Hello old friend, hope this finds you well. Looking at the "label" here: Is the AskToolbar coming?
  12. It all goes to the general concept of "privacy". MRU's are a user's choice preference ... some people want them detected and eliminated, others find them useful. IMO, "Most Recently Used" items are redundant and do not present a threat to my privacy, and I like the convenience that they represent.