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  1. [quote name='visitor' post='124108' date='Dec 11 2010, 12:05 PM']If it's a work computer, I highly suggest you use your company's techies for anything - just in case you do damage and work data is at risk. Also, take member advice here with a grain of salt - e.g. twoguns has only been here a month and only 4 posts. There's a HijackThis forum (link in my signature) for suspected infections, and it's run by Volunteer Security Advisors who have been trained in malware removal. Anyhow, twoguns somewhat hijacked this thread - the connection problem *might* be related to malware or other software, but it's a fairly common problem, so I think it's Ad-Aware not working right with your specific system configuration. Maybe the techies at work can figure it out? Also, just as a disclaimer, business systems are *supposed* to use a licensed version of Ad-Aware since free is for personal use only. Tough call in the gray area of mixed-use laptops . . . the benefit of paid Ad-Aware is Lavasoft Support via email and live chat.[/quote] Yes I would do (use the teccies) but I've run out of support for that project (I'm a researcher) and the thing being at home is mine really as I use it for my personal stuff. I kind of didn't really think it was a malware problem, it's probably interacting with McA and spybot. I'll see if anyone else has the same prob first.
  2. [attachment=8440:hijackthis.log][attachment=8440:hijackthis.log]Hi thank you very much for this help. I haven't tried it yet - a note - I don't have the full mcaffee installed I don't think it's just a subsection, I'm on a laptop which is corporate owned and I do have admin priviledges i.e. I can install progs but I'm not sure I can remove the virus stuff. I think it updates itself, although when I looked on about, it said last virus definition was March 2010 - I haven't had it back to the tecchies in a couple years though. It is only running the web scan [on-access] I think, it's called Virus Scan Enterprise 7.1.0 by Network Associates and it says McAffee security at the left bottom corner. I have switched teatimer off as you suggest. Does this change anything? I will try to do the other stuff if you think it's still OK but then I won't have a virus checker... what do you think? I've attached logfile from hijack this if anyone interested. Sue.
  3. [quote name='visitor' post='124035' date='Dec 7 2010, 11:14 AM']I opened a bug thread to Lavasoft with a link to this thread - hopefully we'll hear something.[/quote] Thanks, will keep checking in. Make sure you post the answer for us. Ta. Sue.
  4. [quote name='visitor' post='124008' date='Dec 5 2010, 03:52 PM']Did you do a default installation or maybe a custom installation not on C: drive? If prompted, be sure to send the error report to Lavasoft. I recall someone here did a custom installation, and Ad-Aware still installed things on the C: drive which was not intended by the user.[/quote] I did a standard installation and there is no error report to send, just refuses to start. My computer has installed ad-aware to c:/program files - would appreciate any help please.
  5. [quote name='visitor' date='Dec 2 2010, 09:40 AM' post='123983'] Just to clarify, I think you're having separate problems. "Connection to service" means the Ad-Aware service may not be running. Go to start -> run -> type "services.msc" without quotes. Look for Lavasoft Ad-Aware Service on the list, and make sure it's started and automatic. Hi yes they are separate, I had no problem with update. I have done all the things in the advice doc on this forum inc above. The service is set at automatic but has not started. When I click start, it gives the message "could not start the Lavasoft service on local computer Error 3 the system cannot find the path specified" How do I help it find the path? the path on properties seems greyed out and can't be written into. Sue.
  6. Hi, I've tried all the fixes and I can't get adaware to work. I used spybot and it fixed some problems mostly browser issues. I have a log file from hijackthis but I don't know how to use it. The PC seems to be running a bit slow but these probs could be due to the browser? I get a little box on starting adaware with 'connection to service failed'. I did update the 8.3 version, it looked like it took. I don't know what to do now. Help. I'm running on xp and mcaffee scan. Sue.