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  1. So unfortuntate. I was using ad aware when it first came out many years before defender or malbytes. Everyone was rushing out to use ada aware and spybot back in the day. I'll never return to lavasoft after this. I lost a days worth of work today because nothing will open and have no choice but to reformat. All those processes that were running as seen from teh scan log, are now down to about 10 total. I am familiar with the hits that came up and I choose to bypass as they have never given me problems before, they always come up on any scan I use. My system protection was all greyed out after this ad aware ordeal and I did reverse it within the registry so I could access it, but all the restore points are gone. My main combatants are AVG and Malbytes that I use regularly to update and scan along with windows updates.....I've never had an infection. Like I said I was just trying out ad aware once again to check it out, I never had a chance, it rebooted, did this boot cleaner and all 32bit apps were dead. This is teh boot clear file, initially, its obviously still running because it appends teh file everytime I reboot.....but not results, just the timestamp so its not deleting anything. Boot Cleaner ================================================================================ [~] Cleaning started at 2010-12-16 21:32 [~] Preparing to execute queued commands [~] Deleting file: C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\JM\FFF-ReflexV2.exe [~] Deleting file: C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\temp\Patch.exe [~] Finished processing queued commands Boot Cleaner ================================================================================ [~] Cleaning started at 2010-12-17 08:17 ================================================================================ Boot Cleaner ================================================================================ [~] Cleaning started at 2010-12-17 08:40 ================================================================================ Boot Cleaner ================================================================================ [~] Cleaning started at 2010-12-17 09:03
  2. [quote name='CeciliaB' post='124167' date='Dec 17 2010, 12:32 AM']You can try the system restore that is available if you boot to the System Recovery Options screen, see [url=""][/url] Method Two. If you have a Windows 7 installation DVD it should be possible to do a system restore when booting the computer from that DVD. Or you could create a System Repair Disc. See the page [url=""][/url] for explanations.[/quote] Thnx. I did boot to DVD and tried to system restore but was told that no points have been made. This is BS because my system was turned on by installation default and restore points were made with all my windows updates, I saw them on my screen. Thnx lavasoft for friggin up my computer. Thnx.
  3. [quote name='Computer wizard' post='124168' date='Dec 17 2010, 01:51 AM']When you try to execute any application does it give you the " this program is not a valid win32 application" ?[/quote] No all the programs just hang. I get the "spinning hourglass" effect on the cursor for a sec then nothing. For example if I try and open a word DOC file I know get a bigg error popup "there was a problem sending the command to teh program" I grabbed teh Revo uninstall and try to install and it fired up teh user control popup comes if I want to allow the program to make changes, click yes then it disappears and nothign happens. Pictures come up fine, the IE 64 bit, fine....PDF nope, windows shortcuts ok, calculator ok, notepad ok, if I right click on My Computer and do properties to see my hardware etc, nothing happens after "properties" My Computer will open up and recycle is ok. In msconfig, all my services are there and checked marked, all my startup stuff is there and checked, yet nothing on teh taskbar or down at teh time in the corner. I cant get into system restore "SR has been turned off by admin, to turn it on contact admin" well blah blah it has always been on as far as I know, I never touched it fron the initial Win7 install. Any software I ever install makes a restore point so, its BS. Booted to safe mode and I cant get apps to work either, same. I'm livid right now that ad aware did this. I appreciate teh help.
  4. Please for the love of god someone help me!!! Everything was completely fine with my computer, running perfect. I was cruising on and decided to try out the ad aware from the top 10 list because I did use it years ago in its hayday. I scanned and when it rebooted I saw a bunch of boot cleaner stuff fly by the DOS pre-windows screen... Now no applications will work, not even in safe mode. I can't open windows live to check mail, firefox wont open, I cant get into the uninstall menu to get rid of adaware or any programs at all, the ad aware program wont open on any icons I click. The ONLY thing that works is my 64 bit IE brower. I also checked my taskbar processes and almost all of my processes are gone now (user ones that I normally watch) I have no idea how many microsoft ones are missing. I did check in my msconfig and the startup menu stuff is still listed and checkmarked, but yet nothing its started when I boot up. Please how do I reverse this crap!!!!!!!! I'll keep my old faithful malwarebytes program that doesn't throw all my computer off. Running Win7 ultimate updated just I said life was perfect until I did a scan and reboot with this ad aware software, I want my old computer back. System restore wont start like every other application. I was doing my weekly full system scan with malware.....clean......this was earlier usual every week. Installa nd run adware, totally frigg'd system.