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  1. [quote name='headache' post='125487' date='Mar 12 2011, 08:29 PM']I have been using the free AdAware for many years and have been a fan until recently. I too have had issues of 9.0.2 hanging my PC (WinXP) even when AdWatch turned off. I too have reverted to Version 8 which works fine. Looking at the number of similar problems being reported here on the Support Forum recently, I am surprised Lavasoft have not commented. I will continue to use version 8 and ignore nagging to upgrade to the new version, which IMO is flawed. I know this does not solve your problem but you are not alone. Perhaps we have to wait for version 10 from Lavasoft ?[/quote] I quite agree!
  2. I can´t install the latest version of AW. After installning and reboting the program locks in while loading. After a while an error message occurs. That says "send an error report to Lawasoft and the program shuts down". Strangely the version works just fine. Help appreciated. I run Windows 7
  3. how do i change my profile pic?

  4. Hey there, I'm new to the site. any guidance?

  5. [quote name='visitor' post='124128' date='Dec 14 2010, 08:09 AM']If you installed version 9 over a prior version, it's best to do an uninstall first, then a clean install. Try using Revo Free Uninstaller or WICU linked in this thread: [url=""][/url] With Revo, set it on the strongest setting so it cleans up any leftover bits after the initial uninstall. Then try the clean install of version 9. I usually stop all other apps while installing software to avoid conflicts.[/quote] Hi Visitor I´ve tryed but it still says loading..... Do you have any other suggestions?
  6. Maybe so. I´ve tryed EVERY advise given at the Lawasoft Forum and it still says loading. I give up and continue to use the older version soon. It must be a conflict between the av program or Windows 7 (the new version works on XP)
  7. Can´t install AW After installing and rebooting the AW tried to launch but it says loading and nothing more happens. Tryed to uncheck uncheck the option that says "Load Startup Items". And to disable Files protection module in Ad-Aware settings->Ad-Watch Live . And to disable Norton 360 antivirus + firewall. Nothing worked. The earlyer version worked fine. I use Windows 7 HELP PLEASE!