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  1. This has become increasingly annoying. Once I start getting "We haven't disturbed you" messages they keep happening until I go and update the program. I'm probably not unique among your users as not wanting to be forced to perform non-critical updates during my production time. I'm removing AdAware from my computer until this is resolved.
  2. Thanks for the responses. I'm not watching videos and these messages pop up over my active application, even if it is running full screen. My work requires intense focus and these do break my concentration. A break in concentration can result in an expensive mistake for me. I would like to see to be a way to suppress all messages during certain hours. Another option would be to allow users to schedule updates. That way these update messages would not be generated at all except at during periods when the user chooses to allow them.
  3. I'm a previous user of Ad Aware who has just installed Ad Aware Pro. It seems to work fine except for one thing: It pops up a window to tell me that updates haven't been completed because I'm in Do Not Disturb mode. I don't understand the purpose of suppressing an update so the user is not bothered and then popping up a window to tell me that Ad Aware hasn't bothered me. Is there a way to disable this annoying interruption?